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  • Kira Kira Melody Gakuen @ Bandai

    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen had stage events on 4/1 and 4/2. But some of the Kira Melo girls were there on 3/31.

    Five of the girls rotated at the Bandai information table, two at a time. They were wearing black, sleeveless tops, and black, tight mini skirts. They were standing behind the table in one hour shifts. The girls were Shindou Yoko, Sawai Natsumi, Sakurai Sara, Nagai Nobuko, and Minano Fuuko.

    Six of the girls passed out Kira Melo flyers in front of the Bandai booth, three at a time. They were wearing the new Kira Melo school uniforms. The two "sets" were 1) Tsuchiya Mieko, Hinano Mayo, Kuwakado Sora, and 2) Ohgoshi Tomoe, Tanabe Miri, Mito Yoko.

    At the 4/1 event, I was sitting in the first row to the right, right in front of Nagai Nobuko. (^_^; But there was a camera woman in the front that kept moving around and blocking me.. (;_;) Also being in the very front row with a high stage is not very good for taking pictures. The angle is pretty bad.. (;_;)

    At the first 4/2 event, I was sitting in the second row to the left. The angle from here wasn't that bad.. but still not that great.

    At the second 4/2 event, I was sitting in the fourth row dead center. Sometimes I went up on one knee to get a better angle. (^_^;

    I took a video (Hi8) of most of the first class student's songs. When they weren't singing I took pictures. But the stage was pretty dark and had weird color lighting, and my flash wasn't recharging fast enough. I couldn't take as many pictures as I wanted..

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