Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring

Event Tokyo Game Show 2001
Location Makuhari Messe
Date 2001.03.30 - 2001.04.02
Time 10:00 - 17:00
Cost 1000 yen
Guests [many]
  • Report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.04.03

On Friday (3/30), I took a day off from work to go to the first day of the Tokyo Game Show. I brought my camera equipment and DV camera. I took a quick look around the entire Game Show, but didn't see anything interesting. This year the business day was only a half day, so they didn't have many events on the first day. Also it wasn't very crowded at all. Maybe everyone was at Bill Gates' talk..

I went to the Bandai booth, hoping that some of the Kira Melo girls were there (like last year). But there wasn't even an event stage, and the girls passing out stuff and manning the information desk were just normal companion girls. The Bandai booth was mostly Wonder Swan Color, with several rows of Wonder Swans Colors and games.

The other booths didn't have many seiyuu or idol events, as most of them were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. So I spent the rest of the day at the Hudson booth.

The idol guests at the Hudson booth were as follows.

time guests
12:00 Yasu Megumi
13:30 Emina Mako
14:45 Ace File

Photos were allowed (with a normal camera), but videos were not allowed. I went through the motions of taking pictures, but I wasn't really into it. I guess I'm still feeling empty with the loss of Kira Melo.

By the way, Yoshikawa Mae (leader of Ace File) is very cute. She would be in my top 5 cutest non-Kira Melo girl list..

My friend and I left the Game Show after the Ace File stage, as we had planned to go drinking with a couple other friends. We took the bus and train to Tsudanuma (not too far from Makuhari), and went drinking. But we just drank for about three hours, as I had to get up early for the Game Show the next day.

On Saturday (3/31), I headed for the Hudson booth in the morning, and stayed there the whole day. I was only interested in the Wecker stage, but I wanted to keep my position (dead center, front row among the standees, right next to the official camera). Actually it wasn't anywhere as crowded as I had expected.

The idol guests at the Hudson booth on Saturday were as follows.

time guests
10:30 Ace File
12:00 Tanaka Mako
13:10 Satou Eriko
14:30 Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker (Tsuchiya Mieko, Amano Megumi, Kuryuu Miku)
15:30 Ace File

The Wecker stage was the most crowded stage during the day. There were LOTS and LOTS of cameras. Usually at seiyuu events in the past, there wouldn't be anyone with a better lens than mine.. But this time, there were many that would put my equipment to shame.

None of the otaku was using the D1, but I saw a lot of press people using D1s. I guess some of the press are going filmless now. They don't need the really high quality pictures anyway.

I concentrated on taking pics of Mieko, but I eneded up taking quite a few of Kuryuu Miku too. Miku is a model type who had released a photo collection and video. So she liked to pose for the camera. She was almost doing a strip show, as she took off her jacket, and stuck the little Wecker doll between her breasts. She even rolled around on the stage.. (^_^;

My friends and I left right after the Wecker stage. We went to Akihabara to eat at an all you can eat yakiniku place. Ate too much again..

On Sunday, I wanted to go see Folder 5 at the TGS, but I had an important baseball game, so I couldn't go.

I think this is the first TGS where I didn't take any pictures of the companion girls. I only took around 8.5 rolls of pictures. Probably 3 for Ace File, 4 for Wecker, and 1.5 for other idols.

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