Girls Be Graduation Concert

Event Girls Be Graduation Concert
Location Club Citta (Kawasaki)
Date 1997.12.21
Time 17:00 - 19:00
Cost 4500 yen
Guests Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
Kuwashima Houko (ˡ)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.12.31
    (song list by Joe Petrow)

The "graduation" concerts of Girls Be took place on 12/14 in Osaka and 12/21 in Club Citta (Kawasaki). I hear they were basically the same. I only went to the one in Kawasaki.

The concert in Club Citta was "all standing", and since I had number 105, I was in the 4th row, dead center. So I had a good view of just about everything. There were around 800 people total (packed Club Citta).
They were selling tickets right before the event too.

The songs were:

  • French Daisakusen no Opening Theme
  • Zettai Dame yo!
  • Aisatsu I (with different opening talk)
  • Girls Be
  • Seifuku
  • Koneko to Ojiisan
  • Who Are You?
  • Akabana no Tonakai (Japanese "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer")
  • Cecil no Yakusoku
  • Mayonaka ni Oideyo
  • Kimi to Kiss Shitai
  • Hidoi Boku Dakedo
  • Shikkari Shiteyo
  • [encore] Kiyoshi Konoyoru (Japanese "Silent Night")
  • [encore] Akarui
  • [double encore] Girls Be

Overall, there wasn't that much talk, everything flowed well, and it was a very enjoyable concert. But I don't remember the outfits that much..

The "French Daisakusen no Opening Theme" had a "skit" with some bad guys running around, and Machiko and Houko chasing them (or maybe they were being chased).

They sang "Zettai Dame yo!" and "Aisatsu I". They said, "Hello!" during "Aisatsu I".

Then they went onto "Girls Be" and "Seifuku". About "Seifuku".. they sang the notes wrong. (;_;)

After "Seifuku", they talked a little bit. Machiko went off to change clothes, and Houko talked about Girls Be and meeting Machiko.

Then Machiko came back, and sang "Koneko to Ojisan". There was a lot of movements for this song, and it was very tiring for Machiko. She was breathing very hard after this song, when she was talking. (But it wasn't the very energetic style movements like Sakurai Tomo..)

After Houko sang "Who Are You?", there was a Christmas drama, where Machiko and Houko read a message. Then there was a skit where the setting was Machiko's house, with Houko coming over.

This led into Machiko and Houko singing "Akabana no Tonakai", the version that Machiko sang on the Pretty in White CD.

Then after a change of clothes, they sang "Cecil no Yakusoku" and "Mayonaka ni Oideyo". While they were changing clothes, there was an audio "skit", with Houko doing the voice of the big teddy bear (male) and Machiko doing the voice of the little teddy bear (female).

There was some talk after this, and then they went onto the last three songs of the concert, "Kimi to Kiss Shitai" (Machiko solo), "Hidoi Boku Dakedo" (Houko solo), and "Shikkari Shiteyo".

There was a call for an encore, and they came back onto the stage to sing "Kiyoshi Konoyoru", with Machiko playing the keyboards. Houko was singing when Machiko was playing (first verse).

After this song, there was some talk, where Houko and Machiko started crying, and hugging each other. Then they sang "Akarui", sitting on some high chairs in the middle of the stage. They were crying during the song.

Then there was another call for an encore, and Houko and Machiko came back to sing "Girls Be" again.

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