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  • Haoujuku Public Recording (1994.12.27)

    Haoujuku Public Recording
    Sunshine Hiroba (Ikebukuro)
    13:00 - 14:30
    Satake Masaaki (ݲ)
    Hayashibara Megumi (Ӹᤰ)
    Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ)
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.17

    The public recording of the Haoujuku radio show in the open stage near the Sunshine Building took place on 1994.12.27 at 13:00. Since it was open to the public I expected it to be very crowded. But I did not expect 2500 people. Haoujuku is a game related radio show with Satake Masaaki and Hayashibara Megumi as the hosts. This recording was for the radio show that was supposed to be broadcast on 1994.12.30.

    I wandered over to Ikebukuro at around 11:00, and went to the game centers to catch some Chacha dolls. (^_^;) I got to the open stage before 11:30, but there were many people there already. It was impossible to get a decent view (or any view) from the first or second floors, so I went to the third floor and found a front row spot, right behind the stage. This stage was set up in the middle of the shopping center, where the floors were cut out so that you can see from the upper levels. All of the locations facing the front of the stage, or to the sides, were taken already on all four levels. Since I had brought my camera, I wanted to be in the front row, as it would be impossible to take pictures from behind somebody. (The pictures turned out badly.. ;_; It was too dark. Only a couple pictures were decent.)

    There was a small area roped off in front of the stage that held around 300 people. Some of the people I knew who got in there were waiting from the previous day..

    At 13:00, Satake Masaaki and Hayashibara Megumi went up onto the stage. They seemed to be very surprised by the size of the crowd too. After a quick introduction and a little bit of talk, they called the guest, Kouda Mariko. After the introduction, they all sat down at a table and started the radio show. Fortunately for the people behind the stage and to the sides, Mariko did look around frequently. (^_^)

    After a while, they got up and started playing a game. (I couldn't tell what game it was, but I think it was a fighting game where you fought against your opponent.)

    After the game, they continued their talk with Kouda Mariko. I think Mariko stayed for less than one hour.

    radio show summary has some information about what they talked about.

    After Mariko left, Satake Masaaki and Hayashibara Megumi continued with the other parts of the radio show. (Mostly game stuff.)

    At the end, they had a present corner. Satake Masaaki gave away his hat that he had been wearing, and Megumi gave away her watch and necklace. (I think.. I'm not too sure if it was necklace, but it was some jewelry that she was wearing.)

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