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    Event Sega/Starchild Event
    Location Toshima Koukaidou (Ikebukuro)
    Date 1995.01.14
    Time 14:00 - 17:00
    Guests Hayashibara Megumi (Ӹᤰ)
    Mitsuishi Kotono (жǵ)
    Suzuki Masami (ڿ)
    Sakurai Tomo ()
    Akado Mayumi (ڡõ)
    Cost free (need postcard)
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.17

    The Sega/Starchild Tokyo Event was held on 1995.01.14 at the Toshima Koukaidou. I had sent in a postcard but was rejected.. (;_;) Fortunately, a friend had an extra postcard, so I got to go. (Thank you Mr A@T-shiba!! ^_^ Actually it was his sister. ^_^;;) There were around 1500 postcard issued, and I was number 1006. There were only 950 seats, so I would have to stand if there were too many people.

    They lined up the first 500 people at 11:30 and exchanged their postcards for seat tickets. The remainder of the people exchanged their postcards at 12:30. There were plenty of no-shows, so I was able to get seat 17 in row 4 of the second floor. Not that great, but it was in the middle of the row.

    Cameras and tape recorders were not allowed.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • Sega
    • break
    • talk (Chacha)
    • talk (Blue Seed)
    • Blue Seed episode 8
    • Tekkaman Blade II episode 4
    • break
    • concert
    • presents
    • good-bye message


    The stage had a large screen projection TV in the middle of the stage. There were two normal TVs with Sega Saturns connected to it on both sides. The large screen showed what was on the TV.

    A guy from one of Megumi's radio shows acted as the emcee. There was another guy from Sega's marketing (or something like that). This first part (lasted about 1 hour) was to advertised the Sega Saturn.

    They showed little bits of various games, Clockwork Knight, Victory Goal, and Panther Dragoon. They even showed some bits from the Blue Seed game that was currently under development. The Blue Seed game was going to go on sale sometime in March. The OP for the game was almost identical to the OP of the TV series. There was a little bit of a new female character, that was an original character for the game. They also had some of the fight scenes. I think the animation was very nice. From where I was, I couldn't tell any difference between the animation of the game OP and the TV series OP.

    They also showed a part of the game Shinsetsu Yumemi Yakata. It was the part where a little girl (voice by Hayashibara Megumi) sings. This song is not on any of Megumi's CDs.. (^_^;)

    They were going to hold a Virtua Fighter tournament, and Hayashibara Megumi came onto the stage. Megumi was wearing jeans that were cut all over, and a long sleeve shirt. Six people from the audience were chosen, three boys and three girls. Megumi had thought that they were going to play Puyo Puyo, so she had practiced that.

    Megumi got a first round bye, and they started the tournament. Most of the people who got chosen to play were just beginners. Megumi beat one girl, but then lost to a boy in the final match. When Megumi was playing she was making a lot of sound effects, and did some voices, like, "That hurt!" when she got hit. She even did poses after she won.

    Everyone who played got prizes, a signed book by Hayashibara Megumi. The winner got a Game Gear.

    talk (Chacha)

    After the break, they put a table on the stage. (During the break, Mr. M@Tokai-U let me borrow some binoculars, so I was able to see them very clearly. ^_^) When the curtains went up Suzuki Masami, Sakurai Tomo, and Akado Mayumi were sitting at the table.

    They were holding postcards, and they read questions from fans.

    Some of them were:

    Q: What are your impressions of the other two?
    to Mayumi: She's Yakko-chan.
    to Masami: She's Chacha.
    to Tomo: She's cute.

    Q: How do you pronounce the "a" () with the dakuten ()?
    Masami actually said it. [in a Chacha voice] They said that there were more and more of these in the scripts. Sometimes the whole line is like this. Mayumi and Tomo said that Masami had invented this, so she should try to get a patent.

    talk (Blue Seed)

    After the Chacha girls left, Hayashibara Megumi and Mitsuishi Kotono came. They were wearing white Blue Seed jackets. (They were giving these jackets to those who bought Blue Seed videos/LDs in the lobby, I think.) Mitsuishi Kotono was wearing long pants.

    Some of the questions were:

    Q: What did you do during vacation?
    Kotono: I wrote new year cards.
    Megumi: I ate and ate.

    Q: New albums?
    Kotono: My new CD coming out in March will be Birthday to the Sun.
    Megumi: My CD coming out 3/3 will be Enfleurage.

    Q: What was your impression of Mitsuishi Kotono in Sailor Moon?
    Megumi: She was very nice. I was surprised at the attacks. For Blue Seed, Kotono wears pants, but for Sailor Moon she wears skirts. So I got to see Kotono with a skirt.

    Q: You were an OL (office lady) before. What should I do to prepare?
    Kotono: Nothing. Since they will teach you, you don't need to prepare anything.

    Q: What kind of guys do like?
    Megumi: We should start thinking about it soon.. But is there something that you would like to do if you got a boy friend?
    Kotono: Yes, I would like to go see Beauty and the Beast. Somewhere it was written, "Please watch this with the most important person." So I still haven't seen it.
    Megumi: Don't laugh.. I want to do the Okaerinasai dance. [Megumi would sing okaerinasai, and the guy would sing tadaima, and they would hug each other.] I want someone who will do this with me.

    Blue Seed episode 8

    Tekkaman Blade II episode 4


    It was too hot on the second floor, so I went down to the first floor and watched the concert from the standing section, next to several people from various mailing lists, who were holding penlights and such. I just watched through the binoculars instead of doing the yells and such. (^_^;)

    Suzuki Masami, Sakurai Tomo, and Akado Mayumi sang Chacha ni Omakase (the ED song to Akazukin Chacha) and Chance! Itsumo Kimi no Sobani. [The dance to Chacha ni Omakase was VERY cute!] Masami had her hair tied up into two pony tails off to the side. [cute] She had a loose wrap around skirt that was around knee length. When she twirled around (I think she twirled around 3 or 4 times ^_^;) it would lift up to reveal.. that she was wearing white shorts. (I think.. ^_^;;) Tomo was wearing a white fancy dress, and Mayumi was wearing a long black one-piece dress.

    Mitsuishi Kotono sang Oyasumi Gojira and Dan Gan My Love (on Blue Seed CD). Kotono was wearing a very long and beautiful white dress.

    Hayashibara Megumi sang Touch and Go (the ED song to Blue Seed) and Kokoro no Planet. Megumi was wearing a white/brown outfit (sweater?/shirt? and skirt). Megumi said that there would be pictures of this outfit in the booklet with her new CD.


    After Megumi's song, all of the guests came onto the stage and they had the presents corner. Kotono had changed back into her long pants. There was one Sega Saturn and many other gifts, like signed books, posters, etc.

    They pulled the postcards out of the box, and called out the names and numbers.

    A few people that I knew won some of the smaller prizes. These prizes were to be picked up later. Then the last prize was the Sega Saturn.. that was to be handed to the winner on stage. Megumi shuffled the box with the postcards and then reached in. She pulled out a card and the number was 1006! She called out Mr A's sister's name. So Mr A went up to the stage (in place of his sister ^_^;) to get the Sega Saturn from Hayashibara Megumi.

    good-bye message

    After the presents, it was time to say good-bye.

    Akado Mayumi: I do stage plays a lot, and it was fun to sing where you all clapped and cheered for me.

    Sakurai Tomo: This was the first time that we three sang together live. It was fun. Please come to my Valentine Live.

    Suzuki Masami: It was a lot of fun. Chacha will continue until June. Please watch Chacha.

    Mitsuishi Kotono: It's fun to be with Megu-chan.

    Hayashibara Megumi: Right now I'm concentrating on Enfleurage. I'll also do more anime and stuff this year.

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