Layer's Rainbow

Event Layer's Rainbow
Location Asagaya Drum
Date 2005.01.15
Time 12:30 - 14:45
Cost 3000 yen + drink
Guests Ichii Hiori
Nakase Kana
Kinoshita Yuri
Ohtake Yuko
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.01.20

This was a new event held at Asagaya Drum. It's basically a singing event by cosplayers.

I went to watch Ichii Hiroi, and this was her 18th singing event. Photos with flash allowed of everyone except the emcee, Ohtake Yuko.

The event flowed as follows.
  • introductions
  • Lili (3 songs)
  • Nakase Kana (2 songs)
  • Ichii Hiori (2 songs)
  • Kinoshita Yuri (3 songs)
  • medley
  • photo session

With the amount of songs, this event should be only about one hour. But since there was a lot of talk between the emcee and singers, this event took more than two hours.

For her solo stage, Hiori sang "涙の半分" (Namida no Hanbun), and "ここだよ。" (Kokodayo). During the medley, Hiori sang "恋のミルキーウェイ" (Koi no Milkyway).

photo notes

I brought both of my cameras, but I only brought my small lenses, as Asagaya Drum is too small (crowded) to use my big lens. I used the 50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.8 lenses, and 20D with flash, 10D without flash.

With the 20D, I took 1031 photos, with 364 of them worth keeping. With the 10D, I took 119 photos with 24 of them worth keeping. My stats per girl was as follows.

  20D 10D total
Ichii Hiori 262 20 282
Nakase Kana 42 4 46
Kinoshita Yuri 9 0 9
Lili 8 0 8
group shots 35 0 35

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