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  • Layer's Rainbow

    Event Layer's Rainbow
    Location Asagaya Drum
    Date 2005.05.08
    Time 12:30 - 15:00
    Cost 3000 yen + drink
    Guests Ichii Hiori
    Nakase Kana
    Fujishiro Mei
    Ohtake Yuko (mc)
    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.05.09
    [Ichii Hiori]

    This was the most crowded Layer's Rainbow that I have gone to. There were no seats, and it was all standing. There were over 50 people in the crowd. It was packed. There were seven girls, so it was a long event.
    [This was the least enjoyable event I have gone to in a while.]

    This was Ichii Hiori's 23rd singing event.

    Hiori wore a Card Captor Sakura cheerleader outfit, and sang three songs in a row. "Catch You Catch Me", "ray of sunshine", and "マウス Chu マウス".

    For the medley, the theme was "Japanese style". All the girls wore a Japanese style outfit (ninja, miko, kimono, etc) except for Hiori. She wore her white Momoi Haruko stage outfit, that looked like a European princess outfit. She said that she thought the song had to be a Japanese theme, not the outfit.. Hiori sang "SHE・KNOW・BE〜恋の秘密〜".

    [Ichii Hiori]

    photo notes

    I brought my 20D and a couple of bright lenses and flash, but since it was to crowded I couldn't move and change lenses. So I just used the 85mm F1.8 lens and only took photos of Hiori. I took 524 photos with 201 of them worth keeping.

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