Demo Game distribution

Event Demo Game distribution
Location Sofmap 14 (Akihabara)
Date 2005.05.13
Time 20:30 - 20:45
  • Event report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.05.19

On May 13, there were a few demo game distributions at some of the game stores in Akihabara. Some of these had girls dressed up in costumes passing out the DVDs and pamphlets.

Ichii Hiori was dressed in an outfit for the game Lavendra (long sleeve seifuku, short skit, red shoes, white socks), and was helping out with the distribution at Sofmap 14.

It was getting pretty cold at night, so there was a line of about 50 people at 20:30, but there weren't that many people after that.

No photos allowed.

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