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  • Garzey no Tsubasa

    Garzey no Tsubasa
    Suginami Koukaidou
    15:00 - 16:40
    Iwao Junko (˽)
    Iwanaga Tetsuya (ů)
    Tomino Yoshiyuki ()
    • Report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.09

    The Garzey no Tsubasa (Garzey's Wing) event in Tokyo was held on September 8, 1996.

    It was a pretty short event, which flowed as follows.

    • Guest talk
    • Garzey no Tsubasa episode 1
    • Garzey Instruction corner
    • Present corner
    There were less than 500 people, so the auditorium was only about half full.

    Guest talk

    The guests were Iwanaga Tetsuya, voice actor for Chris, the main character in this story, Iwao Junko, voice actress for Chris' girl friend, who only showed up less than one minute at the beginning of the OAV, and Tomino Yoshiyuki, the author of Garzey's Wing, and also the famous creator of Kidou Senshi Gundam.

    Junko was wearing a white shirt, and a long, black, sleeveless one piece. There was a slit at the front of the dress. The dress was a little bit loose..

    Tomino was wearing a very flashy red suit.

    They talked a little bit about Garzey no Tsubasa.

    Garzey no Tsubasa episode 1

    Chris was a high school student in modern day Japan who was riding a motorcycle. Suddenly a magical energy bird came and took a part of his spirit to another dimension, Biston Well. So Chris had split up into two, with one living in Japan and one in Biston Well. The one in Biston Well had been called through the dimensions as a savior in a war (fighting with bows and arrows and swords). Chris was the legendary soldier Garzey's Wing. He had white wings coming out of his ankles in times of need so he can float/fly and fight.

    Episode 1 had a lot of fighting, a lot of action. Lots of blood and guts.

    Garzey Instruction corner

    After the video showing, there was a 10 minute break. Then the guests came back onto the stage. There was chalk board on the stage, with a lot of drawings of Hallo, Guu-chan (a hamster) by Iwao Junko, and something else by Iwanaga Tetsuya [I couldn't make out what it was].

    There were two little school chairs, where Junko and Tetsuya sat down, and read some of the questions from the fans. Tomino stood at the podium and answered the questions like he was the teacher.

    Junko was wearing the same clothes, but she had put on glasses.

    Q: Why does Chris have wings on his feet?
    Tomino: It's boring to put them on his back.

    Q: Is the OAV going to follow the story in the novels?
    Tomino: It's my story, I can change it as much as I want.

    Present corner

    There was a drawing for 10 Garzey no Tsubasa posters, signed by Iwanaga Tetsuya, Iwao Junko, and Tomino Yoshiyuki.

    [They pulled 182, and I was 183.]

    At the end, each guest said some final words and the curtains went down.

    Tetsuya said that he will be in the next Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine, with Shiratori Yuri, as it was their tenth year as a seiyuu.

    Junko said that her picture collection book was going on sale 9/20. She will also have a CD-ROM going on sale in October.

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