Joining 2003.08.20

Event Joining
Location Roppongi Edge
Date 2003.08.20
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Cost 3000 yen
Guests Kubo Asaka
Morishita Junna
Miyano Shizu (ǵ)
Asami Rie
Seri Ayano
many others
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2003.09.11

I went to the monthly Joining event for August, which is a public recording event for the Joining TV show. I went mainly to watch (and take pictures of) Kubo Asaka and Asami Rie.

The event was basically three or four songs by the "guests" and then one song by each of the Marvel Yell girls. There was also a medley of Sakai Noriko songs by everyone.

I think the stage flowed as follows.

  • Marvel Yell girls
  • some guests
  • Kubo Asaka
  • Sakai Noriko medley (by everyone)
  • Morishita Junna
  • Miyano Shizu
  • Puppy Love (Kubo Asaka, Morishita Junna)
Since Asaka and Junna sang as themselves and the group Puppy Love, they were on the stage a lot.

photo notes

Photos without flash allowed, video not allowed. After each guest sang, there was a one minute photo session where flash was allowed.

I took 1136 pictures with my 10D, with 668 of them worth keeping. This was the most that I have taken with my 10D in one day.

My photo breakdown per girl was as follows (after tossing out the bad ones).

Kubo Asaka 258
Morishita Junna 192
Asami Rie 156
Seri Ayano 53
Miyano Shizu 15

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