Joining 2003.12.07

Event Joining
Location Roppongi Edge
Date 2003.12.07
Time 19:00 - 22:50
Cost 3000 yen
Guests Izumi Rika
Miyano Shizu (ǵ)
Ogata Satoko ()
Shintani Sayaka (ë)
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2003.12.12

I went mainly to watch (and take pictures of) Izumi Rika and Shintani Sayaka. But I wasn't really into it, as Seri Ayano wasn't there..

The stage flowed as follows.
  • Song by Sayaka, Satoko, Shizu
  • Mori Natsuko
  • Kobayashi Mai
  • Izumi Rika
  • Takeda Mayumi
  • Asakura Haruka
  • Kawai Haruka
  • (Mizuno Aoi tribute medley) [by everyone]
  • Shintani Sayaka (3 songs)
  • Miyano Shizu (3 or 4 songs)
  • Ogata Satoko (3 or 4 songs)

The medley went in the following order: Natsuko, Satoko, Rika, Asakura Haruka, Sayaka, Mayumi, Shizuko, Mai. (I don't remember if Kawai Haruka sang in the medley.)

Sayaka and Shizu both sang new solo songs.

photo notes

Photos without flash allowed, video not allowed. After each guest sang, there was a one minute photo session where flash was allowed.

I took 910 pictures with my 10D, with 567 of them worth keeping. Since I didn't bring my computer to this event, I couldn't download the pictures anywhere. So my CF cards (I only have 3.5 GB) filled up.

During the event, I switched from Large/Fine JPEG to Large/Normal JPEG. Going to normal mode allowed me to take twice as many pictures in the same time frame, as the file sizes are about half of the fine mode. Looking at the JPEGs on the computer, I can't see any difference between normal and fine, but maybe there will be a difference if I print them out.

My photo counts per girl was as follows (after tossing out the bad ones).

girl total
Shintani Sayaka 306
Izumi Rika 146
Miyano Shizu 141
Mori Natsuko 93
Takeda Mayumi 71
Asakura Haruka 63
Ogata Satoko 61
Kobayashi Mai 49
Kawai Haruka 35

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