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  • Dr. Slump show

    Dr. Slump show
    Kourakuen mini stage
    13:30 - 14:00
    free (once inside Kourakuen)

    During the New Year period there was a Dr. Slump show at Kourakuen, which was free once you are in the amusement park.

    The show was around 30 minutes.

    The characters that appeared were Dr. Slump, Suppa-man, Arare, Akane, a robber, and Goku. The story was basically, the robber comes to the village, Suppa-man comes out to save the day (but of course he can't), Arare-chan comes and creates a panic situation, and finally Goku comes. The robber can't compete with Arare or Goku, and leaves.

    At the end, the five "good" characters danced to the Dr. Slump song. Then they had a signing session and photo session for the kids. Signature boards (with a picture of the Dr. Slump characters) was 300 yen.

    [group] [I didn't bring my good camera, so I just took some pictures with my digital camera.]

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