Blue Swat show

Event Blue Swat show
Location NS Building (Shinjuku)
Date 1994.04.29
Time 11:30 - 12:30
Cost free
Guests Blue Swat
  • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.09

During Golden Week (4/29 - 5/5, a major holiday period in Japan), there was a series of Dai Hero Show [Big Hero Show] events at the NS Building in Shinjuku. The schedule was as follows.

date show
4/29 Blue Swat
4/30 Yuuyuu Hakusho
5/01 Janparson
5/03 Dai Ranger
5/04 Kaku Ranger
5/05 Sailor Moon S

They had two shows daily (11:30 - 12:30 and 16:00 - 17:00), and the shows were done on a stage that they had made in the lobby.

I went to the Blue Swat show on 4/29. We got there around 11:00, and the mat that they had laid out was around 3/4th full. There were over 100 people, mostly little kids. But there were also 10 to 20 older kids, with nice cameras and other video equipment (sitting in the front row).

While waiting for the show to begin, a couple of high school aged girls screamed out in the back. When I turned around, I saw the girls taking pictures and getting signatures from a tall guy with glasses. I didn't recognize who he was at that time, but he was one of the actors in Blue Swat. [the scientist(?) guy with the glasses on the Blue Swat team who uses the computer] Then many more people gathered around him to take pictures and get signatures.

A few minutes before the show was going to begin, some people came out and moved the rope at the front of the crowd a little bit. They said that the little kids can come to the front to watch. So the kids rushed to the front and got seats in front of the older kids.

Then at around 11:30, the show began. The emcee girl came out and gave some warnings to the little kids. [don't step out in front of the rope, etc..] Then the three main Blue Swat people came out in their police uniforms, not their hardsuits. [They were the real actors on TV.]

After a short introduction, Blue Swat received a present (a big box).

Then there was an emergency announcement. They had received information that there was a bomb somewhere in the NS Building. One of the Blue Swat guys put his ear to the present, and said that the box was the bomb. Then some bad guys came out and they started fighting. The fight was just some simple martial arts and it was not anything outstanding.

All of the bad guys got beaten up and the Blue Swat people left the stage. Then the leader of the bad guys came on stage. He got 5 kids from the audience to go up on stage to join the bad side. They went through some funny routines, and one of the kids even started crying. When the show with the kids was finished, the kids got presents and left the stage.

Then the alien (bad guy) came onto the stage. [I don't remember if that alien costume was the same as the one on TV.]

Blue Swat in hard suits came out and fought the alien and other bad guys. The combat martial arts was not that great, and the good guys won.

After the show, there was a signing session with the Blue Swat people. You had to buy the board (with Blue Swat pictures) for 300 yen, and the Blue Swat people were going to sign it.

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