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  • Akazukin Chacha show at IMA

    Akazukin Chacha show
    IMA (Hikarigaoka)
    11:00-11:30 and 15:00-15:30
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.09

    On October 8, 1994, there was an Akazukin Chacha kigurumi show at the IMA shopping center in Hikarigaoka. It was held in the stage in the middle of the shopping center and it was open to everyone, although it was aimed at little kids (little girls). There were around 20 or so older boys though..

    I went to the 11:00 show, and took some pictures as there happened to be a camera, three lenses, and three rolls of film in my bag.

    More pictures are available in the Chacha show (1994.10.08) photo gallery.

    There were kigurumi characters of Chacha, Riiya, Shiine, Marin, Vampire Kyuu-chan, and the Magical Princess. They looked very cute. The Magical Princess only appeared for a few seconds at the end. (I hope my pictures of her turned out well..) All of the voices were prerecorded and done by the real voice actors of the anime.

    The story

    Riiya and Shiine came onto the stage. They were arguing over Chacha. Then Chacha came, and Riiya and Shiine started fighting over Chacha. Eventually Marin also came and it got more complicated.

    Riiya and Shiine decided to have a running race (around the forest) to see who will get Chacha.

    After the race began, Marin decided to go after them to help Shiine win the race. Chacha thought something was up and followed Marin.

    Marin got lost in the dark forest. Chacha finally caught up with Marin, and they were both lost. Then Vampire Kyuu-chan came and took them to his castle.

    Riiya and Shiine ran around the forest and finished the race. It was a tie. They started to fight each other again, but they were too worn out. Then they noticed that Chacha wasn't around, so they decided to go look for her together.

    Marin and Chacha were unconscious in Vampire Kyuu-chan's castle. Kyuu-chan was deciding whose blood to suck first. He wanted the cuter one, and decided on Chacha. Then Marin woke up and punched Kyuu-chan.

    Marin and Chacha tried to get away from Kyuu-chan, but failed. (This part is very similar to the TV episode - the cross, sunlight, etc.) Then eventually Riiya and Shiine came. Riiya punched Kyuu-chan, but Kyuu-chan recovered. So Chacha transformed..

    The magical princess showed up (at the top of the stairs of the stage), and went through the motions of firing the beauty serein arrow. The arrow finished off Kyuu-chan.

    Final dance

    After the story, Chacha, Riiya, Shiine, and Marin danced to Kimi Iro Omoi. It was a very nice and cute dance.

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