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    Sailor Moon World
    Shin Takanawa Prince Hotel
    1994.07.30 - 1994.08.16
    10:00 - 18:00
    Ishida Yoko (石田よう子)
    1500 yen
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.14
    • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.16
    • Report version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.11.28
      (added pictures)

    Between 7/30 and 8/16, the Sailor Moon World event was held in the Shin Takanawa Prince Hotel. The admission fee was 1500 yen for adults and 700 yen for kids.

    I went to the Sailor Moon World on 8/14. It was pretty crowded, mostly with little girls and their parents.

    The attractions in this event were as follows.

    • 時空回廊 (Space-time Gallery)
    • 十番町カーニバル (Juuban-cho Carnival)
    • Sailor Moon S musical show
    • 石田よう子 ライブステージ (Ishida Yoko Live Stage) [only 8/4 and 8/14]

    Space-time Gallery

    The space-time gallery was a labyrinth with various corners. Some of the displays were: Queen Beryl, the world of the Makaiju (Ail and Ann), the hall of the Black Moon family, each of the Sailor Senshi with their attacks, and professor Tomoe's laboratory. (I took pictures of most of these displays.)

    There were also a lot of very nice cels on display.

    Juuban-cho Carnival

    There were many games, a TV theater (where they showed some of the TV episodes), and Usagi-chan's room. The games consisted of normal games found in game centers, including Sailor Moon UFO catcher machines, and some special games for little kids with Sailor Moon goods as prizes. Usagi-chan's room had Usagi's bed.

    Sailor Moon S musical

    The Sailor Moon S musical was performed on a large stage, at 11:00, 14:00, and 16:00. The musical itself was around 45 minutes.

    I arrived at the event at around 10:45, and managed to get in for the 11:00 show. I sat in the 10th row or so, a little off to the left. But it was close enough to take good pictures with a 135mm lens (plus 2x teleconverter).

    More pictures are available in the Sailor Moon World musical photo gallery.

    The show was performed by Sailor Senshi kigurumi. (kigurumi = people in costume with a large Sailor Senshi head) The Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and the bad guys danced around and acted out the lines. The voices used were the original voices from the anime. I think the bad one's voice was done by Hara Eriko. Bodi-con power! (I should have brought a tape recorder..)

    Lots of music/songs were used. Moon Revenge, Tuxedo Mirage, the duet by Usagi and Mamoru..

    the story of the musical

    Usagi was going to go on a date with Mamo-chan. But some aliens came and attacked her. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi fought the aliens, and won.

    Then the leader of the aliens, a bodi-con girl (I think her name was Bodiconian), came and fought the Sailor Senshi. She won as she used some power to immobilize the senshi. Tuxedo Kamen came and fought. But the aliens were too strong. Then Bodiconian took Tuxedo Kamen back to her planet so she can marry him.

    The Sailor Senshi teleported to the alien's planet, where Bodiconian had put a trance on Tuxedo Kamen. She made Tuxedo Kamen fight the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon couldn't fight, and cried to Tuxedo Kamen. Eventually Tuxedo Kamen got out of the trance and remembered Usagi (because of the power of their love).

    The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen fought and defeated the aliens.

    Ishida Yoko Live Stage

    The Ishida Yoko Live Stage was performed on the same stage as the Sailor Moon S musical. There were two performances, at 13:00 and 15:00. The live stage was around 30 minutes.

    I saw the 13:00 stage, and Yoko was wearing a cute one piece dress with rabbits on them. I saw in the 5th row, right in the middle, so it was a very nice location. The distance was about 10 meters. (I went through a roll of film.. Lots of nice closeups, if the pictures turn out nicely. ^_^;;)

    The songs that Yoko sang were.

    • Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon OP)
    • Ai no Senshi (Sailor Moon R insert song)
    • Yasashisa no Tamanebako (NHK minnano uta)
    • Tuxedo Mirage (Sailor Moon S ED)
    • Otome no Policy (Sailor Moon R ED)

    Yoko sang the full version of Tuxedo Mirage. (It's the first time I've heard that! ^_^)

    During Otome no Policy, the Sailor Senshi kigurumi came out and danced in the background. (I didn't have time to change to a smaller lens. These seven pictures didn't come out.. ;_; ;_; ;_;)

    After the show, Yoko passed out her autographs to those who bought her CDs. The signature boards were pre-signed.

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