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  • Saint Tail show at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

    Saint Tail show
    Mitsukoshi department store (Nihonbashi)
    11:00-11:30 and 14:30-15:00
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.01.10

    On December 23, 1995, there was a Saint Tail kigurumi show at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi. I got the information from some of my network friends so I went to Mitsukoshi right around the time when the show was going to begin. I rushed up to the roof, because I thought they were going to have it on the stage there. But there was nobody there..

    After searching through the entire department store (there are two separate buildings), I found the show on the first floor stage. But it was already the end of the show.. (;_;) I was only planning on watching the first show, but since I had missed most of it, I decided to watch the second one.

    More pictures are available in the Saint Tail show (1995.12.23) photo gallery.

    The voices in the show were the same as the TV anime, except that the narration was done by Inoue Kikuko.

    The story

    Saint Tail appeared and stole something. Detective Asuka and Asuka Junior went after her, but Saint Tail was too fast for them.

    Asuka Jr: I'm gonna catch Saint Tail. No matter who she really is, I'll catch her with my own hands.

    A few days later, an old man (by the name of Kawai Sou) had come to Seira. A long time ago, he had received a tiara from a foreign friend. But his tiara had been stolen, and Mr. Kawai's foreign friend was going to come visit him in a few days. He said that Kanemochida Tokuzou had stolen the tiara from him.

    Seira said that he should pray and believe in god.

    Meimi came to Seira. Seira told her about what had happened, and said that it was a job for Saint Tail. Meimi said that she would do it.

    The next day on the way to school, Asuka Jr was complaining because his father didn't wake him up that morning. He was almost late for school. Then Meimi came and slapped him on the back. Meimi teased him about letting Saint Tail escape, and went off to school.

    Then Asuka Jr found the note from Saint Tail on his back. It said that she was going to steal the tiara.

    At night Asuka Jr went to Kanemochida's house and warned him that Saint Tail was going to come steal his tiara.

    Then the alarms went off, and the guards spotted Saint Tail outside. Kanemochida told Asuka Jr to go after Saint Tail, but Asuka Jr said that Saint Tail wasn't there. But Kanemochida got mad at Asuka Jr and went after Saint Tail, leaving the tiara to his security system. Asuka Jr also went after Kanemochida.

    After everyone had left, Saint Tail came and took the tiara. But Asuka Jr came back right away and caught her. Just before Asuka Jr could look at Saint Tail's face, Saint Tail sprayed something into Asuka Jr's eyes. Then Saint Tail went off.

    Then Kanemochida returned and was shocked to see his tiara missing. As he was getting angry at Asuka Jr, Detective Asuka came to arrest Kanemochida. He had found out that he had stolen the tiara in the first place.

    The next day, Asuka Jr was reading the newspaper on the way to school. He was very determined to catch Saint Tail. Then Meimi came and saw that Asuka Jr was feeling depressed. They quickly started arguing, and Meimi went off, after slapping Asuka Jr on the back again.

    Asuka Jr finally noticed that there was something on his back, and thought that it was another challenge letter from Saint Tail. But actually it said, "Asuka Jr the sleepy head."

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