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  • Ultraman Festival 94

    Ultraman Festival 94
    Tokyo Dome Prism Hall
    1994.07.22 - 1994.08.31
    10:00 - 18:00
    1400 yen/1000 yen
    • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.10

    During the summer vacation (7/22 - 8/31) the Ultraman Festival 94 event was held in the Prism Hall near Toky Dome. The normal ticket price is 1400 yen for adults, and 1000 yen for kids. But this ticket will let you into the Kourakuen Amusement Park for free.

    Since I had gotten a free ticket, I went on 7/31. I went in the morning, so it wasn't that crowded.

    The Ultraman Festival 94 had some displays of various Ultramans and monsters, some old Ultraman toys and books, some games for the kids, a stage for a talk show, and a large stage for the live action Ultraman show.

    Of course they also sold lots of Ultraman toys.

    live action Ultraman show

    There was a 30 minute live action show, that was performed every hour. There were probably enough seats for 300 people.

    At first, Taro, Jack, Ultraman, Ace, and Zoffy fought against some monsters. These monsters had been reincarnated by some powerful leader. But all of the Ultramans lose, and get caught by the monsters' leader.

    The leader turned out to be Powered Baltan-seijin. Baltan-seijin wanted to destroy all of the people on earth because the people have poluted and destroyed the earth.

    Ultraman Powered comes to fight Baltan-seijin. All of the other Ultramans get revived because Powered gave them some of his energy. Then the final battles began. The Ultramans fought in pairs against the monsters.

    The final battle was Powered against Baltan-seijin. Powered was about to lose, but all of the other Ultramans shared their enegy with Powered. Powered finally defeated Baltan-seijin.

    Ultraman puppet show

    This was VERY funny!

    The puppets were around 50 cm tall and pretty well built. The monsters came out as the Ultraman song started. Some of the monsters had horns, and were moving around like they were playing the instruments. Pigmon (I think) was the lead singer, and there were other monsters in the background dancing and singing. A great opening!

    The story for the show itself was pretty simple. Red King and Baltan-seijin appeared and fought. The Baltan-seijin made many copies of himself and defeated Red King.

    Later some other monsters came and saw Red King down. They thought he had died, but Red King was just unconscious. After the monsters helped him, Pigmon was left by himself. Then Baltan-seijin appeared and started going after Pigmon. But Pigmon called Ultraman.

    Ultraman appeared and fought Baltan-seijin. But Baltan-seijin made copies of himself and defeated Ultraman. Then Ultraman Powered came to save the day.

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