Otanoshimikai 2000 (Kichijoji)

Event Otanoshimikai 2000
Location Disk Inn Shinseido (Kichijoji)
Date 2000.06.29
Time ? - ?
Cost CD
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)

On June 29, 2000 there was a talk and handshake event for Inoue Kikuko's latest CD Tanoshiikoto at Disk Inn Shinseido (Kichijoji). The event consisted of 30 minutes of talk, and a handshake session.

Everyone had to draw numbers out of a box to get their seat number. I was lucky enough to get number 7, so I was in the front row. There were over 100 people who attended this event.

The talk portion of this event consisted of reading questions from the fans, and answering them. Then at the end of this portion, the fans who correctly guessed how many questions Kikuko would answer would get a signed postcard.

Kikuko ended up answering 13 questions.

Kikuko mentioned that there will be an i-manbow site coming later. This site will be for i-mode (cellular phone) users. (There is already an @-manbow site for computer users.)

After this, there was a standard handshake session, where Kikuko shook hands with everyone. The staff didn't rush the fans, so everyone was able to talk to Kikuko at their own pace. The handshake part took about one hour.

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