@Manbow Matsuri

Event Inoue Kikuko @manbow Matsuri
Location Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo
Date 2001.05.06
Time 13:00-15:30 (afternoon session, @manbow member only)
17:00-19:30 (evening session)
Cost 3500 yen
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Yamazaki Takumi (ꤿ)
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The @manbow Matsuri event is the celebration event of the 1st anniversary of @manbow, Inoue Kikuko's Official Site http://www.manbow.com/

Originally there was only 1 session. However, due to high registration request, the event split into 2 sessions, with the afternoon session reserved for @manbow only.

I had applied for the first session. Luckily, I got a first row seat, (1F A-15) only a little to the right from the middle. This may be due to my status as a foreigner, or they used the standard @manbow practise for the past member gathering : those who have not attend any gathering got the priority. ^_^

I went to Ginza and line up at around 12:00, when the main street just been closed and become pedestrian paradise. Lots of tourist standing in the middle of the street pondering why there was a line there. Some nearby storekeeper and some pedestrian even asked the @manbow staff on what was happening.

We finally got let in at around 12:15. Upon entry, the staff stamped our postcard (ticket) with a cute manbow stamp, and gave us souvenir : a manbow fan and a box of cake. The fan had a blue manbow at one side, and a pink Wendenyan at the other side. Wendenyan is Kikuko's pet plush dog. The cake were 2 pieces of Doraemon cake with red bean paste inside, and with a manbow pattern on the round surface.

5 event goods were on sale at 1000 yen each : 2 kind of phone strap, postcard set, mug, and a pin set.

At 13:10, the event started with emcee Yamazaki Takumi introduce himself and onee-chan (Kikuko). Kikuko wore a long black one piece skirt.

They start with some talk, and then go into announcing results of the @manbow member poll.

The first category was the best character Kikuko voiced. Rank 3rd was Electra of Nadia, 2nd was Kasumi of Ranma 1/2, and 1st of course was Belldandy of Ah! Megami-sama!

Kikuko did live voice performance of each of the above 3 characters. She got Belldandy's line wrong and had to apologize and started again.

Then came the quiz time. Everyone in the hall stood up and tried to answered multiple (binary actually) choice question about Kikuko, using the distributed manbow fan as the tools. Each question would have 2 choice of answer, with the blue manbow side of the fan represent one answer, and the pink Wendenyan side represent the other. There were around 10 questions. Anyone answered wrongly must sit down and could not answer other questions.

The first 3 were extremely easy for Kikuko fans. Then the questions changed to first impression that Kikuko would associate when given a topic. After all the questions, only a few people still standing. They won a signboard, with Belldandy drawn on it and signed by Kikuko.

I wanted the signboard!! However, I lost on one question : how many Wendenyan Songs were released. I chose 5, Takumi said the answer should be 6, so I sat down. He then tried to list them. However, the script he was holding only had 5. All the audience that were just sitting down stood up again, while all those standing sat down. Just then someone shout out the title of the sixth song, so the answer reverse again ! ^_^;;

The next corner is Snack Time, a traditional Kikuko event item. Kikuko told us to take out the cake that was distributed to us, and then indicated that the rules of the event hall prohibited the audience to eat/drink inside the seating area. However, she teared off the package and started eating herself !!!! ^_^;;;; Takumi was having trouble tearing off the packing. After a few minutes struggle, he gave up and settled for just watching Onee-chan eating.

The curtain then suddenly close and 15 minutes interval was announced (14:05-14:20).

After the interval, Takumi came out and pretended to try to find the lost Wendenyan. Then Kikuko came up dressing as an air steward (similar to ANA's), and talked with Takumi ending her every sentence with the suffice "pulisu" (please). ^_^ She then sang Teresa Tang's enka song 'Airport'. She went backstage after the song.

Takumi came out and talk about Mac/Windows/i-mode. Kikuko came out dressing as a magical girl : white one piece very short white dress, long white stockings, and white platform shoes. There was a big cross on the front of the dress (similar to Erica of Sakura Taisen 3). There was white wings attached to the back of her dress, and she was holding a wand.

The skirt was so short that it was in serious danger of a pan-chira. But nothing really happened even when she was dancing in her song. She sang a magical girl OP medley. During the song, she accidentally lost grip of the wand and it flew backwards to the back of the stage. She had to walked back and pick the wand up. She went backstage after the song.

An female assistant cam out and announced some new PS2 game.

Kikuko came out again wearing long one piece yellow dress with lantern sleeves (similar to Erica of Sakura Taisen 3, or Hand-Maid May's uniform). The style of the dress was similar to those rich Filipino lady wore.

Takumi and Kikuko then announced the top 10 songs from the @manbow member poll. Kikuko then sang 2 songs : 'Haru' and 'Hoshi Sora Keiyu de Todoketai'.

Then came the presents corner. Kikuko drew the winners for the following items :

  • 5 winners got the Promotional Video of the Kurabuchi Dam in Gumma Prefecture, in which Kikuko was doing the narration.
  • 4 winners got set of 2 Kikuko posters
  • 4 winners got AMG movie poster
  • 2 winners got the manbow vest
  • 1 winner got Kikuko 2001 calendar
  • 1 winner got the @manbow Matsuri Mihata (flag)

2 young female assistants were helping Kikuko and Takumi for the present corner. They both wore @manbow vest.

Curtain closed again. All the audience clap hands but nobody shouted anything. One of the staff standing in the hall looked around and started shouting "An-Ko-Re" (encore) ^_^;;

Onee-chan came out again and said that she was very worry because no one wanted an encore. ^_^;;;;

Kikuko then talked for quite a while about Hou-chan, her daughter.

Kikuko and Takumi and both assistants then show the audience how to do the 'Dendendenden-dendendenden-denchipa' gesture and shout. ^_^;

Kikuko then sang 'Ganbatte Makenaide'. The event ended at around 15:35.

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