Inoue Kikuko signing for Dream Time

Event Inoue Kikuko signing for Dream Time
Location Animate Shibuya
Date 1995.09.30
Time 16:00 - ??:??
Cost 1500 yen
Guest Inoue Kikuko (׻)

The signing session for Inoue Kikuko's picture collection Dream Time took place on September 30, 1995 at Animate Shibuya. The participants were lined up at the back entrance, and were given a piece of paper to write down our names. Kikuko was going to write our names as well as signing the books. (We all had to bring our Dream Time books for her to sign.)

There were around 200 people who participated, and since Kikuko was signing each one (instead of just passing out presigned boards) it took a long time. It must have been tiring for Kikuko too..

She talked very shortly to everyone while signing the books.

My memory is very fuzzy and I don't remember much.. (^_^;)

Kikuko was seated at a table. I think she was wearing a dark colored, flower design one piece.. (I don't remember too well.. ;_;)

When it was almost my turn, I handed the book and the paper to the Animate person. The guy handed the book to Kikuko. She looked at the paper. I had written ڰ λ (Doi Hitoshi in kanji). Then she looked up at me and said, "Oh, thank you for always coming."
[My brain started crashing..]

I was wearing my Inoue Kikuko ML badge, and she probably saw that, so Kikuko asked, "Are you from Nifty?"
I said, "No, Internet.."

Then she looked at the paper with my name on it again and said, "Oh I heard that there was information about me on the Internet for the foreign fans. I was so moved when I heard that.."
[My brain crashed..]

When my brain rebooted, I was holding my Dream Time, where Kikuko had written, "λ֤" (Hitoshi kun he) and signed her name.

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