Idol Project Excellent Tour 1995

Event Idol Project Excellent Tour 1995 Opening Day
Location Kudan Kaikan (Kudanshita)
Date 1995.07.09
Time 14:00 - 17:10
Cost 3000 yen [Idol Project CD] (need postcard)
Guests Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子)
Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
Hisakawa Aya (久川綾)
Kanai Mika (かないみか)
Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)
Iwatsubo Rie (岩坪理江)
Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
Special Guests Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子)
Nogami Yukana (野上ゆかな)
Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子)
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.13

On July 9, 1995, the Idol Project Excellent Tour 1995 took place at the Kudan Kaikan in Kudanshita. The event was very packed, even though this was not a "free" event.

There will be an Idol Project event in Osaka later this month, but not all of the seiyuu will be there. So there were many fans from all over Japan for this event.

The event flowed as follows.

  • promo video
  • Idol Project 1
  • talk show
  • 15 minute break
  • Wedding Peach corner
  • Idol Project on stage
  • present corner
  • Idol Project ending song

promo video

At the beginning of the event, they showed a 10 minute promotion video of KSS anime. They had clips of Golden Boy, Wedding Peach, Yousei Hime Rain, Fire Emblem, Onikirimaru, and Oira Uchuu no Tankoufu.

Idol Project 1

They showed a 35mm film of the first Idol Project OAV. The OP was a non-credit version. It was very fast moving and had lots of cute action.

The OAV itself was very good (cute girls and nice music), but the story just cut itself.. They make you anxiously wait for Idol Project 2.

talk show

On the stage from right to left were: Shocker Ohno (the emcee), Iwatsubo Rie, Kanai Mika, Inoue Kikuko, Kouda Mariko, Hisakawa Aya, Koorogi Satomi, Kanamaru Hinako. They were all wearing silver Idol Project jackets. Hinako was wearing a knee level red flower one piece. Satomi was wearing a brown one piece. Aya was wearing jeans and a blue/read cap. Mariko was wearing a long blue dress, a blue shirt, and a white cap. Kikuko was wearing a long black dress. Mika was wearing a slim black one piece. Rie was wearing a blue jeans one piece.

Each guest introduced themselves with the voices that they used in the anime.

Kouda Mariko
Konnichiha! I'm doing the role of Mimu. I'm normally like this.. but I have to do a 14 year old role. It was strange wasn't it. Have fun today.
Hisakawa Aya (role of Layla)
Let's have fun today. I'm Hisakawa Aya.
Inoue Kikuko (role of Corvette)
Hello everyone, I'm Inoue Kikuko version 2. About half a year ago, I became version 2.
Koorogi Satomi [in a 9 year old voice]
I'm Koorogi Satomi doing the role of Ruka, 9 years old.. What should I do?
Kanai Mika (role of Extra)
Hello everyone, I'm Kanai Mika. [Then Mika did a very high laugh, like her character in the OAV.]
Kanamaru Hinako
I'm Kanamaru Hinako doing the role of Pal Pu. [Then Kanamaru Hinako yelled out, like her character in the OAV.]
Iwatsubo Rie (role of Shion)
Are we having fun!? I'm Iwatsubo Rie, let's have fun today.

Then they started talking about some of the things that took place during the after recording session for the OAV.

Mariko: Since I had to do a 14 year old girl, I was worried. We still haven't watched the OAV yet.
Kikuko: Yes, I'm worried.
Ohno: You were fine. "Very dangerous yo."

Then everyone else said that they wanted to hear Kikuko do it live. So Kikuko stood up and said, "Very dangerous yo.." in a very sexy voice.

Then Shocker Ohno took out his shocker memo (he had been jotting down notes when he went to the after recording session).
Ohno: During the after recording, there are a few trial runs. Kikuko put in funny adlibs..
Kikuko: What did I say?
Ohno: After she said, "very dangerous yo.." she added "kawaruwayo.." I thought I was hearing Cutey Honey.
Kikuko: I really like those words, "kawaruwayo.."
[kawaruwayo = I'll change]

The talk went back to Mariko.
Mariko: Since I'm not an idol, I didn't know how I was supposed to act. Until I saw the animation, I didn't have an image of how I was supposed to do it. The action was fast. I didn't know if I could keep up. Also I liked Kikko-san's slightly ecchi part.
Ohno: According to my memo, you asked, "Should I do it in a little stupider way?" Then the sound director said, "No you can do it in your natural way."

Then the talk moved to Aya and Mika's characters. (They "battled" verbally in the OAV.)
Aya: It was difficult to get the timing of the "guts" and "kihin" calls. We did it many times. But everything was taken over by the "very dangerous yo."
[kihin = very dignified, proper, etc]
Mika: The picture moved so fast, it was hard. I forgot how we managed to get it.
Ohno: The staff originally thought of recording the voices separately. But you two said that you wanted to do it together.
Mika: Was that so? I don't remember.

Ohno: There were 17 people in the after recording, but there were only 5 men. It was unusual.

Ohno: How was it Satomi?
Satomi: That day, I overslept, and I got lost, so I had to ask a policeman for directions. It was a tough day. I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I took half of the producer's bread.
Ohno: 9 years old..
Satomi: Umm..

Ohno: How was Pal Pu?
Hinako: I didn't worry too much about it when I did the CD, so I didn't worry too much about it when I did the OAV. The sound producer just told me to do it wildly, so I just did it.

Then Shocker Ohno said that he wanted to hear Pal Pu's laugh, and Hinako did it.

Ohno: We'll finish it off calmly..
Rie: So it's my turn now. I had never done a ninja before, so it was difficult.
Ohno: There were a lot of hard lines.
Rie: Yes, the kind of words that people don't usually use.
Ohno: There were a lot of kanji.
Rie: I couldn't read it. I tried my best and I thought I read them correctly, but there were around four that I read wrong.

Then they took questions from the audience.

Q (Mr 107): In the game version of Idol Project, Koorogi Satomi did the voice of Layla.
Satomi: Was I Layla? I don't remember. Now I'm Ruka.. I guess I'm happy that I was able to do two roles.
Aya: I'm happy just to do one role.

Q (a guy with a tiger mask): There is a song by Kouda Mariko called Stair on the bonus CD single. Is this going to be released?
the producer: Right now we don't have any plans for it, but maybe if we get a lot of requests it might happen.

Q (to Kikuko): What did you think when you saw your character?
Kikuko: I never did a character like that before. I imaged it to be like Yamabuki-sensei from Dr. Slump. I was happy that I was able to do this role.
some fan yelled out: A live version Idol Project!
Ohno: Wow, that's a great idea.. Maybe when you buy all of the LDs, you might get a present video of a live version Idol Project..

Ohno: In this anime, most of you did roles that are very different from your "usual" roles.
Mika: Yes, usually I do roles like the one Satomi did (a little child), or the one Hinako did (laughing all the time).
Ohno: My image of you is Melon-pan-man..
Kikuko: Ohno-san, I want to hear Melon-pan-man.

Then Mika said a line with Melon-pan-man's voice.
[I think she has done this at every KSS event so far..]

Ohno (to Rie): How was this role for you?
Rie: It was the first time.
Ohno: What kind of roles do you usually do?
Rie: I do boys more. I don't do many girls.

Then Rie did a boy's voice (a character from Raijin-Oh).

15 minute break

There was a 15 minute break between the talk and song sections.

Wedding Peach corner

After the break, Shocker Ohno came out and said that there were some special guests.
Ohno: The Aitenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach girls are here!

Hikami Kyoko, Nogami Yukana, and Miyamura Yuko came out in red checkered dresses about knee length, very cute. Yuko had a red ribbon in her hair, Kyoko had a black ribbon with white poka dots, and Yuka had her hair tied up on both sides.

Ohno: Have you done events like this together?
Kyoko: This is the second time.
Ohno: The first time was the Toy Show.

Then they talked about the nicknames that each girl had. Yuko was called "Miyamu", Kyoko was called "Kyoko-chan" or "Hikami", Yukana was called "Yukana-chan" or "Yukanyan".

Ohno: Wedding Peach started this April, but who has the most mistakes?
Kyoko and Yukana looked at Yuko.
Yuko: I'll try.

Ohno: When I went to the after recording the other day, there were a lot of girls, like Yokoyama Chisa. Who are they?
Yuko: After Puryui dies, there will be a new bad guy (done by Koyasu Takehiko) and there are some girls who work for him.

Then Kyoko made some announcements.
Wedding Peach episodes 1 to 16 will come out on rental video soon. At the end of the year, there will be a LD box. There will be a Wedding Peach super famicom game. Also Furil will release an original mini album at the end of this month.

Kyoko will release a mini album (planned for November).

Then Furil sang 21 Seiki no Juliet (21世紀のジュリエット), the ED song to Wedding Peach.

Idol Project on stage

After Furil left, Idol Project came back on stage! Inoue Kikuko was wearing a mini-skirt!!

They started the concert with Don't Stop! Sutekini Meguriaitai (Don't Stop! −ステキにめぐり会いたい−), the OP song to the Idol Project OAVs. The crowd stood up immediately as this was a very lively song. There was a nice dance with this too.
[Some of the singing combinations were different from the CD version, as Mariko and Kikuko started singing together instead of just Mariko.]
[Kikuko tried her best to keep up with the dance.. Very cute! ^_^;]

After the OP song, everyone except Inoue Kikuko left the stage. Kikuko was wearing a short sleeve pink sweater top, a black mini-skirt with white poka dots, black stockings, a black belt, and black lace gloves.

Kikuko: Actually I can't speak English at all. But I'll try my best. Please listen to Cotton Boy.

Then Kikuko sang Cotton Boy. After the song she said, "Thank you." in English.
[Kikuko only made one mistake that I caught..]

After Kikuko went off the stage, Hisakawa Aya came onto the stage. Aya was wearing short shorts, a black tank top, and a white unbuttoned long sleeve shirt. Her hair was tied up.

Aya made some announcements before singing her song.

Aya: I'm working on my third album! Also maybe we can meet on December 24. I'm doing radio, making a picture book.. I'm very busy, but it is very fun. Please cheer for me.

Then Aya sang Crystal Generation.
[Aya was reading the lyrics from a very large sheet of paper that two of the staff guys were carrying around on a large board. The guys had to run around a lot, as Aya moved around a lot on the stage, and they had to keep flipping the papers, as each page had just a couple lines written in huge letters.]

After Aya went off the stage, Kanai Mika, Koorogi Satomi, and Kanamaru Hinako came onto the stage carrying their microhones and mike stands. They were wearing matching short one piece dresses. They all had different colored ribbons in their hair. Satomi had yellow, Mika had red, and Hinako had blue.

Satomi: Mika, what is that bandaid for?
Mika: I got drunk and fell down.

Then they sang Onna no Kajitsu (オ・ン・ナの果実), which had a cute dance.

After Mika, Satomi, and Hinako left, Kouda Mariko and Iwatsubo Rie came onto the stage. Mariko was wearing a long, cream colored, long sleeve one piece dress with a hat. Rie was wearing a long, pink colored, short sleeve one piece with a hat. They talked about many things, just like a comedian pair, before going onto the song.

Mariko and Rie sang Angel Kiss.

present corner

After Mariko and Rie's song, they called the rest of Idol Project for the present corner. Kikuko was now wearing a long green one piece with a white T-shirt underneath. Satomi was wearing a very flashy yellow idol-ish dress. Hinako was wearing a blue China dress. Mika was wearing a black one piece, with a white unbuttoned shirt over it.

They had three large boxes on the table. (Usually they only have one box with numbers.) This time they had little balls with numbers on them. One box was for the one's digit, one box was for the ten's digit, and one box was for the hundreds/thousands digits. Rie and Mika chose the numbers from the one's box, Kikuko and Mariko chose numbers from the ten's box, and Aya, Hinako, and Satomi chose numbers from the hundred's box.

They had special game CDs, T-shirts, a Megami-sama jacket, signed posters, cels, and a signature board.

For the Megami-sama jacket, Rie pulled out a 9, Kikuko pulled out a 8, and Aya pulled out a 5.. so it was 589! This was the first thing I won at an event this year!

For those who can read and understand Japanese. (^_^;;) When some of the numbers were called out, Kikuko played games with the numbers..


Idol Project ending song

After all of the presents had been chosen, each seiyuu give a message.

Koorogi Satomi
She will be at the Idol Project event in Osaka on 7/30.
Hisakawa Aya
"Please buy everything!"
Kanamaru Hinako
"Best regards with everything."
Kouda Mariko
She will have a new single coming out on 7/21. She will have her second album coming out on 9/5. The recording is already finished. There will be a "Kouda Mariko Concert Tour 95" in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.
Inoue Kikuko
This summer she will go all over Japan as part of Osakana Penguin.
Kanai Mika
A single and album came out on 6/21. Her game for the Playdia came out, along with games for Aya and Fukami Rica. She is also in Kakyuusei. There is a CD drama for Kakyuusei too.
Iwatsubo Rie
"Since it's summer, I'll go out and train as a ninja."

The last song by Idol Project was Kimi no Heart Nerai Uchi. The main lyrics were sung by Mariko and Hinako. The background vocals were sung by the other five. The chorus part was sung by Mariko, Kikuko, and Aya.

After this song, all of the seiyuu left the stage. But there was an encore call, and after a while the music started again, and all of the seiyuu returned to the stage. As an encore, they sang Don't Stop! Sutekini Meguriaitai again.

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