Princess Minerva

Event Princess Minerva
Location Kudan Kaikan
Date 1995.04.23
Time 15:00 - 19:00
Seiyuu Guests Itou Miki (ƣ)
Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Iwao Junko (˽)
Sakuma Rei (״֥쥤)
Matsumoto Rica ()
Natsuki Rio (Ƽꥪ)
Tanaka Atsuko (ػ)
Other Guests Maisaka Kou (ޫ) [original author, creator]
Sonoda Hideki (ıѼ) [scenario writer]
Yamaguchi Yoshihiro () [director]
Cost free (need postcard)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.17

The Princess Minerva Tokyo event was held on April 23, 1995 at the Kudan Kaikan. This event took place after the Hummingbird event in the same auditorium. The previous Princess Minerva events in Osaka and Nagoya only had Itou Miki and Inoue Kikuko (the two main characters) as the guests. This Tokyo event had all of the major female characters.

The event flowed as follows.

  • OAV
  • talk
  • game demonstration
  • songs


They showed the Princess Minerva OAV first, and then there was a 10 minute break. The OAV was very funny and cute. The character designs were cuter in the OAV than the manga. The various facial expressions of Blue Morris were very funny.


After the break, the guests came onto the stage, and sat down in chairs for the talk show. On the stage from right to left were: the emcee, Maisaka Kou, Yamaguchi Yoshihiro, Sonoda Hideki, Itou Miki, Inoue Kikuko, Matsumoto Rika, Natsuki Rio, Sakuma Rei, Tanaka Atsuko, and Iwao Junko. There were 10 guests!

Itou Miki was wearing a very short black skirt, a black and gray blouse and a black vest. Inoue Kikuko was wearing a long burgundy one-piece dress with a black choker with a pearl hanging off of it. Matsumoto Rika was wearing a plaid yellow-and-black suit with a short skirt of the same pattern. Her hair was in two pony-tails that stuck out and then hung down. It was also colored (?) slightly yellow-ish. Sakuma Rei was wearing a short pink dress. Tanaka Atsuko was wearing a white pants suit. Iwao Junko was wearing a white, flower design one-piece dress.

At the introductions, Maisaka Kou introduced himself. Then Yamaguchi director introduced himself. Then Sonoda Hideki introduced himself as a member of the Aum religion (of course he was just joking). After him, all of the seiyuu followed him and made some comment about being an Aum member..

Then the guests started talking among themselves, about various topics, and the emcee tried in vain to control the talk. Of course everyone knows that Inoue Kikuko was a fish in her previous life. But Matsumoto Rika said that she was a dog, and Itou Miki said that she was a little fish in their previous lives.

Finally they got back to talking about Princess Minerva. Some of the comments were as follows.

Itou Miki
She had gone to Nagoya and Osaka earlier for the Princess Minerva events there, but she wasn't still used to these anime events.
Natsuki Rio
The character that she plays (Orlin) has a kansai dialect, so she studied it by watching kansai comedian videos.
Iwao Junko
She didn't have many lines in this because her character (Tua) was sleeping most of the time.

Maisaka-sensei said that the after recording session for Princess Minerva was very funny.

Then they asked all of the seiyuu to do one line from the anime, but Itou Miki said, "This wasn't in the script!" But all of the seiyuu did the voices of their characters.

Itou Miki said, "Sheeeeei!" from the scene that she transformed into Cutey Kamen.
Inoue Kikuko said, "Tohoho.." from the scene when Blue Morris was crying from being disappointed at Princess Minerva.
Iwao Junko said, "Oneechan, onaka chuita.." [Big sister, I'm hungry.] and the crowd went crazy because it was so cute.

Then they asked each guest which part of Princess Minerva they liked.

The Yamaguchi director and Maisaka-sensei said, "Everything."

Itou Miki said that she liked the ending scene.

Inoue Kikuko said that she liked the ending scene. She also liked the scene where Tua becomes like a human and rises up.

Matsumoto Rika said that she liked the "Minerva world".

Sakuma Rei said that she like the scenes where Blue Morris' eyes became dots and she cried.

Iwao Junko said that she liked the scene where Tua, even though she was a little fairy who was always eating or sleeping, was able to save Blue Morris.

At the end of the talk session, Sonoda Hideki said that the Princess Minerva CD drama has a little bit of ecchiness that couldn't be put into the OAV.

game demonstration

After the talk show, most of the seiyuu guests left the stage. Itou Miki, Inoue Kikuko, and Maisaka Kou stayed on the stage to show off the new Super Famicom Princess Minerva game.

Miki and Kikuko commented that the characters are very cute. Miki was very happy when the description said that Minerva was 17 years old.

Kikuko played the game a little, and yelled out, "Fire!" when her character was attacking the bad guys.


The final portion of the event was the song section.

Itou Miki sang ??? by herself.

She had made some mistakes in her song at the events in Nagoya and Osaka, so she was nervous.

During the music section of the song, a couple of guys came out and danced in the background. These were not "real" dancers, as they were just people from Toho video.. (^_^) Then at the end of the song, all of the other seiyuu came onto to stage to cheer for Miki.

After Miki's song, everyone gave their good-bye messages.

Then all of the seiyuu sang Minerva Shin'eitaika [Minerva Body Guards Song] together. It was a fun song, and the seiyuu tried to do a simple dance together. Inoue Kikuko was looking around at the other seiyuu trying to stay in step with the dance. (^_^;)

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