Oneechan to Net - 2000.03.27

Event Oneechan to Net
Location Pony Canyon Building lobby
Date 2000.03.27
Time 19:00 - 20:20
Cost free, need ticket
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Hisakawa Aya ()
  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.03.28

The Oneechan to Net event is a monthly event for the members of "at manbow" (@manbow). It's held in the lobby of Pony Canyon, and has space for 50 seats. They choose 80 people per event, 50 sitting and 30 standing. They choose and prioritize the people based on the timestamp of joining @manbow. They also make it that if you go to one event, you get moved back to the end of the list for the next event.

Since I hadn't gone to any of the previous ones, I was number 27 for this event. The special guest for Onet 3 was Hisakawa Aya.

The event consisted of three 10 minute talk sessions, where they pull the topic out of a box. These sessions are recorded and broadcast on the @manbow web site (G2 streaming.. can't download).

There were many random topics, and as usual Kikuko and Aya were very funny.

Even when the 10 minutes were up, they kept talking (but this part probably wasn't recorded for the broadcast). So overall it was close to one hour of talk.

At the end they took some questions from the audience.

Someone asked about the Aa Megami-sama movie. Kikuko said that she wasn't supposed to speak about it yet, but she just mentioned that they (Kikuko and Aya) had been contacted for the recording session. So the main cast will be the same. The recording session will take place sometime this summer.

At the end, Kikuko announced that her new CD will come out 6/21, and she will have an early summer concert tour (4 locations this year). The last concert will be 7/9 in Tokyo.

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