Kira Kira Melody Gakuen First Class live

Event First Class Students live
Location Piaza Hall (Matsudo)
Date 2000.04.30
Time 19:40 - 22:10
Cost 3000 yen
Guests listed below
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.05.21
  • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.06.02

The Kira Melo girls who appeared are as follows.

Akami Yukie (赤見幸重)
Asano Masumi (浅野真澄)
Itou Emiko (伊藤栄味子)
Minano Fuuko (皆乃楓子)
Ohgoshi Tomoe (大越友恵)
Ohtsuka Mae (大塚麻恵)
Ogura Maiko
Katou Madoka
Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ)
Kimura Ikue (木村郁絵)
Kuwakado Sora (桑門そら)
Sawai Natsumi (沢井なつ美)
Shibata Shouka (柴田承香)
Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良)
Shintani Sayaka (新谷さや香)
Shindou Yoko (進藤陽子)
Serai Shizuko (瀬來至寿子)
Takase Noriko (高瀬典子)
Takahira Jun (高比良純)
Takayama Kanako (高山佳奈子)
Tanabe Miri (田邊みり)
Tsuchiya Mieko (土屋美恵子)
Nagai Nobuko (永井信子)
Matsumoto Chiyomi (松本智代美)
Misaki Mami
Mito Yoko (三戸洋子)

The "monthly" Kira Melo live event for April 2000 took place on 4/30. They hadn't had one of these for a few months. This event was scheduled for 19:30 to 21:00, but it actually went from 19:40 to 22:10! This was also the most crowded Kira Melo live so far (probably over 150 people). It seems there are more and more new Kira Melo fans. It's going to be hard to get decent tickets to the live events from now on..

The emcees were Ohtsuka Mae and Minano Fuuko, and the event flowed as follows.

  • Kira Melo Theme Song (Kira Kira Melody Gakuen)
  • Paradise Ginga (Kira Kira Melody Gakuen)
  • slide show
  • Soba ni Itai (Dear Me)
  • Tururu Daishouri (Heart Chu)
  • Over and Over (Sawai Natsumi)
  • Kira Melo Shouten
  • Yozakura Oshichi (Masumi, Maiko, Madoka)
  • Kira Melo megane club skit
  • Say U (Muteki Palette)
  • Haru Ichiban (Shibata Shouka, Misaki Mami, Akami Yukie)
  • 5 minute break
  • Kira Melo Youchien skit
  • Navie no Hajimete Monogatari (Nagai Nobuko)
  • Stormy Dune (Dear Me)
  • birthday gifts
  • N'est ce Pas (Heart Chu)
  • Kira Kira (Heart Chu)
  • Daisuki (Kira Kira Melody Gakuen)

Everyone came onto the stage to sing the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen no theme. There was a live band playing. One member of the band was Sakurai Sara, playing the keyboards! The dance for this song was the new one, that they used at the Tokyo Game show.

Then they sang Paradise Ginga (an old Hikaru Genji song), and during the song they did self-introductions of the Kira Melo girls.

Everyone left the stage except for Mae and Mieko, and the screen came down for a slide show. They showed a picture of all of the girls from one year ago, and now (side by side).

The first group was Dear Me, who sang Soba ni Itai.

The next group was Heart Chu, who sang Tururu Daishouri.

The next singer was Sawai Natsumi. Natsumi's CD for Psybuster just went on sale, but she sang Over and Over instead. (^_^;)

Then they did a new skit, Kira Melo Shouten. The girls were Matsumoto Chiyomi, Itou Emiko, Ogura Maiko, Shindou Yoko, Sawai Natsumi, Shibata Shouka, Takahira Jun, and Nagai Nobuko. Everyone was dressed in kimonos. Chiyomi picked a topic, and asked the people to say funny lines. If it was funny (judged by Chiyomi), Emiko would move the chair forward. But if it wasn't, Emiko would move the chair backward.

The next song was Yozakura Oshichi, an enka song, by Asano Masumi, Ogura Maiko, Katou Madoka. The three girls were wearing yukata, and they did some traditional Japanese dances during the song.

The next skit was Kira Melo megane (glasses) club. The club leader was Mayo (as usual), but there were some new members . Takayama Kanako, Asano Masumi, Misaki Mami, Shintani Sayaka, and Tsuchiya Mieko.

Then Muteki Palette sang Say U.

The next song was by Shibata Shouka, Misaki Mami, and Akami Yukie. They sang together for the first time, and they sang Haru Ichiban. Shouka said that she wanted to sing a Lemon Angel song.. but Kira Melo is supposed to be a "clean" group. (^_^;

Then there was a 5 minute break.

After the break, they did the Kira Melo Youchien skit. This time, there were a lot of "kids". Minano Fuuko was the teacher of Hoshi-gumi (star group), and Kuwakado Sora was the teacher of Tsuki-gumi (moon group). The kids of Hoshi-gumi were: Kimura Ikue, Sakurai Sara, Tanabe Miri, and Ohtsuka Mae. The kids of Tsuki-gumi were: Serai Shizuko, Mito Yoko, Akami Yukie, and Katou Madoka.

Then Nagai Nobuko sang Navie no Hajimete Monogatari, and Dear Me sang Stormy Dune.

After the songs, they had the birthday present corner for those born from February to April. (The previous birthday present event was in January.)

Then Heart Chu sang N'est ce pas and Kira Kira. The last song was Daisuki by everyone. Since it was so late, there wasn't an encore..

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