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  • Kira Melo Second Class live

    Event Kira Melo Second Class live
    Location Piaza Hall (Matsudo)
    Date 2000.05.28
    Time 15:00 - 16:30
    Guests listed below
    Cost 1000 yen, 1500 yen, 2000 yen
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.05.30

    The Kira Melo girls who appeared were as follows.

    Hinano Mayo
    Sawai Natsumi
    Tsuchiya Mieko
    Akutsu Shiori
    Ikee Tomoko
    Itou Asuka
    Inoue Eri
    Endou Satoko
    Ohhashi Risa
    Ogata Satoko
    Orito Mari
    Kawasaki Rika
    Kimoto Sanana
    Senoo Kumi
    Shinohara Emiko
    Sukizawa Kanako
    Taga Yukiko
    Takahashi Amika
    Nagai Kasumi
    Hayashi Yumi
    Mizuta Yuka
    Morita Chiaki
    Yamada Kayoko
    Yamada Satoko
    Yoshikawa Yuuya
    Washo Kozue

    The first "pay for" live for the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen second class students took place on May 28 at the Piaza Hall in Matsudo. 24 out of the 50 girls appeared in this event. There were supposed to 25, but Akiba Rei wasn't there. The remaining 25 girls will appear in the Second Class live in July.

    I was number 47 for this event, so I wasn't that close. I used my binoculars when someone I liked was on the stage. (^_^; There were around 100 people total who came to watch.

    The emcees were Yoshikawa Yuuya and Senoo Kumi, and the event flowed as follows.

    • Kira Melo theme song (everyone)
    • Nante tatte Idol (everyone)
    • Eden no Machi (Inoue Eri, Akutsu Shiori, Ohhashi Risa)
    • Honki wo Dashite (Orito Mari, Ogata Satoko, Endou Satoko)
    • Toiki de Net (Nagai Kasumi, Itou Asuka)
    • Touch (Kimoto Sanana, Morita Chiaki, Takhashi Amika, Yamada Satoko) [Sawai Natsumi]
    • theme talk corner
    • Mugon Iroppoi (Hiron)
    • UFO (Hayashi Yumi, Yoshikawa Yuuya)
    • Nagisa no Kagikakko (Sukizawa Kanako, Yamada Kayoko, Kawasaki Rika)
    • Daisuki (Taga Yukiko, Shinohara Emiko, Ikee Tomoko)
    • C Girl (Senoo Kumi, Mizuta Yuka)
    • Jitensha (Washo Kozue)
    • present corner
    • Odoru Houkago (everyone)

    The first song was the Kira Kira Melody Theme Song, by everybody. 24 people on the small stage is pretty crowded, but compared to last time, when 48 girls sang, it was much better. The girls lined up in three rows.

    After the first song, all of the girls introduced themselves.

    The second song was Nante tatte Idol by everyone. This is an old song by Koizumi Kyoko. At the beginning of the song, Hinano Mayo came out and posed in the middle of the stage. But she left right away, and didn't sing.

    The first group song was Eden no Machi by Inoue Eri, Akutsu Shiori, and Ohhashi Risa.

    The next song was Honki wo Dashite by Orito Mari, Ogata Satoko, and Endou Satoko. This is an old song by Sakai Noriko.

    The next song was Toiki de Net by Nagai Kasumi and Itou Asuka. This is an old song by Minamino Yoko. Kasumi and Asuka wore white tank tops and long frilly skirts. Kasumi had a blue skirt and Asuka had a red one. Kasumi and Asuka forgot the lyrics a couple times. (^_^;)

    The next song was Touch by Kimoto Sanana, Morita Chiaki, Yamada Satoko, Takahashi Amika. They sang Sawai Natsumi's version. During the middle of the song, Sawai Natsumi came onto the stage, and she sang the second verse.

    Then they had the theme talk corner where the girls had to choose a topic out of a hat, and talk about it for 30 seconds. Natsumi was the emcee of this corner, and she just picked the Second Class girls (maybe at random). The girls chosen were: Nagai Kasumi, Itou Asuka, Inoue Eri, Shinohara Emiko, Akutsu Shiori, Hayashi Yumi, and Tsuchiya Mieko. Mieko came running from the back of the room.

    The next song was Mugon Iroppoi by Hiron.

    The next song was UFO by Hayashi Yumi and Yoshikawa Yuuya. This is an old song by Pink Lady.

    The next song was Nagisa no Kagikakko by Sukizawa Kanako, Yamada Kayoko, and Kawasaki Rika.

    The next song was Daisuki by Taga Yukiko, Shinohara Emiko, and Ikee Tomoko. (This Daisuki isn't the same as the Kira Melo Daisuki.)

    The next song C Girl by Senoo Kumi and Mizuta Yuka.

    The last song was Jitensha by Washo Kozue.

    Then there was a present corner. Five numbers (seat numbers) were chosen, and the winners got a signature board which had a polaroid picture of all of the Second Class students who appeared today (along with the 24 signatures). One of the numbers was 47, so I won! Also five of the girls handed out the presents, and we were able to go up to which ever one we wanted (first come..), so I got my present from Nagai Kasumi. Kasumi also shook hands with me. (^_^)

    The last song of the event was Odoru Houkago by everyone.

    Then after a few minutes of rest, there was a photo session. All the girls came back onto the stage, and the fans were able to take pictures of them for just 2 minutes (in groups of 20).

    Since there wasn't time to change lenses, I just used the big zoom. The girls line up in three rows, but there were so many of them that it was hard to get a total group shot. I took mostly closeups.

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