Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Halloween Live

Event Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Halloween Live
Location Club Complex Code (Shinjuku)
Date 1999.10.30
Time 14:00 - 16:20
Cost 4000 yen
Guest 21 Kira Melo students (see below)
Sanada Asami (真田アサミ)

  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.10.31
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.11.08

The Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Halloween Live took place on October 30, 1999 at the Club Complex Code in Shinjuku. The Code is probably a disco that can also be used for small events. It can easily hold 500 people (without seats), but there weren't that many people for this event. Probably under 300. It was an "all-standing" event, meaning people can go wherever they wanted but there were also seats in the back.

I got a front row position at the left of the stage. But the area right in front of the stage was roped off, for the press photographers. There were a lot of photographers, for such a minor event.

Oh, I also won a free ticket to the event, as did lots of other people. I bet there weren't any "losers" and everyone who applied got a ticket. (^_^;) Unfortunately, the ticket arrived the day before the event.

This event featured 21 of the 51 Kira Kira Melody Gakuen girls.

Tokunaga Ai (徳永愛)
Nagai Nobuko (永井信子)
Tsuchiya Mieko (土屋美恵子)
Shintani Sayaka (新谷さや香)
Takahira Jun (高比良純)
Matsumoto Chiyomi (松本智代美)
Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ)
Kimura Ikue (木村郁絵)
Tanabe Miri (田邊みり)
Minano Fuuko (皆乃楓子)
Ohgoshi Tomoe (大越友恵)
Itou Emiko (伊藤栄味子)
Sawai Natsumi (沢井なつ美)
Satou Chizuko
Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良)
Kuwakado Sora (桑門そら)
Ohtsuka Mae (大塚麻恵)
Furuuchi Rika (古内里佳)
Takase Noriko (高瀬典子)
Yabuta Naoko (藪田尚子)
Kadowaki Mai (門脇舞).

Arama Riasu was supposed to appear also, but she was sick that day. The special guest was Sanada Asami, who does the voice of Di Gi Charat (Digiko) the mascot character for the store Gamers.

This was mostly a songs event (with group songs and solo songs), with some talk and fun things thrown in. The emcees of the event were Tsuchiya Mieko, Tokunaga Ai, and Matsumoto Chiyomi. The event flowed as follows.

  • Kira Kira Melody Gakuin no Theme (all)
  • Meguru Kisetsu (Melomelo Melon)
  • Viva! Onnanoko Doumei (Itou Emiko)
  • Heartful Candy (Tokunaga Ai)
  • Namida no Lunch Time (Tokunaga Ai)
  • Stay With Me (Sawai Natsumi)
  • TV anime introduction
  • Say U (Muteki Palette)
  • Welcome (Sanada Asami + Kira Kira Melody Gakuen)
  • My Dear (Sanada Asami)
  • costume contest, present corner
  • Stormy Dune (Dear Me)
  • Tu Ru Ru Daishouri (Heart Chu)
  • Kira Kira (Heart Chu)
  • Daisuki! (all)
  • Odoru Houkago (all)

  • Daisuki! (all) [encore]

Before the event began, they showed a video (they projected the video onto the white wall) which introduced the 21 girls who will appear in this event. It showed the girls in street clothes.
[I want this video!]

The event opened with the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen theme song by everyone. The stage was just barely big enough to hold the 21 girls. All the girls were wearing their summer school uniforms (blue sailor fuku with pink ribbon, white long sleeve shirt).

After a short introduction, the new group Melomelo Melon (Heart Chu + Nagai Nobuko) sang their new song, Meguru Kisetsu. This was a long song, with each of the four girls singing one verse about one season. The girls wrote their own lyrics for this song.

Then Itou Emiko came out (not wearing the school uniform). She sang Viva! Onnanoko Doumei which is the ED song to the TV anime Seraphim Call episode 4.

Next it was time for Tokunaga Ai, but instead Tsuchiya Mieko came out wearing Ai's clothes (the blazer type school uniform that Ai wore for her life sized poster), and started singing Ai's song Heartful Candy. In the middle of the song, Ai came out wearing a red one piece. Then Ai sang her two songs, Heartful Candy and Namida no Lunch Time.

After Ai, Sawai Natsumi came out with two male dancers, and sang Stay With Me. Natsumi was wearing a long white dress.

Then Mr. Inoue from AIC came to introduce the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen anime. They had just completed the OP animation, so they showed that. He said it was difficult to animate, as there are over 50 girls. They needed a few character designers for the girls. There was no announcements of air dates, but they said that they would be able to announce something more definite early next year.

Then the new group Muteki Palette (consisting of 10 girls) came out and sang their new song Say U. But since Riasu was sick, there were only 9 of them.

Next, it was the special guest Sanada Asami. Asami sang the Gamers CM song Welcome with all of the Kira Melo girls in the background dancing. Then Asami sang My Dear alone.

Then there was the Halloween costume contest. Each of the Kira Melo girls dressed up in some costume. Some came alone, some came in small groups.

After the contest, Dear Me (Minano Fuuko, Hinano Mayo, Tanabe Miri, Ohgoshi Tomoe, Kimura Ikue) came out to sing Stormy Dune. Mayo is the main singer. Tomoe and Miri also have mikes and sing backup vocals. Ikue and Fuuko just dance.

Then Heart Chu (Tsuchiya Mieko, Shintani Sayaka, Takahira Jun) came out to sing their new song Tu Ru Ru Daishouri. They were wearing new outfits, a very simple (and short) sleeveless one piece, with tall boots. Mieko was wearing white, Sayaka blue, and Jun pink. Then they sang Kira Kira.

After Heart Chu, everyone came back onto the stage wearing their school uniforms, and they all sang a new song Daisuki!. Then they sang Odoru Houkago to end the event.

There was a short call for an encore, and all the girls came back onto the stage to sing Daisuki! once more.

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