Kome Iijan - 2000.09.10

Event Kome Iijan
Location Shinjuku Loft
Date 2000.09.10
Time 13:00 - 15:00
Cost 2000 yen, at the door
Kira Melo Guests Akimoto Noe
Hayashi Akari
Inoue Eri
Itou Asuka (ƣ)
Nagai Kasumi (ʰ椫)
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.10.11

Short Summary

Kome Iijan is a monthly event put on by the idol/actor production Orions Belt. I think some parts of this event are recorded, and broadcast on one of the cable/satelite channels.

Two of the Orions Belt girls, Hayashi Akari and Akimoto Noe, are members of Kira Kira Melody Gakuen, Second Class.

For the 9/10 event, Kira Kira Melody Gakuen was a guest. The Kira Melo girls who appeared were Inoue Eri, Eri, Itou Asuka, Nagai Kasumi, Hayashi Akari, and Akimoto Noe. All of them are Second Class students.

After introducing themselves, they sang "Pride" and "Daisuki", wearing their school uniforms. That was it. It was very short. (;_;)

The rest of the event (non-Kira Melo) was pretty boring. I was only interested in the Kira Melo part and the skits and songs that Akari and Noe participated in.

Pictures and videos were allowed during this event. But using the flash wasn't allowed, and it was pretty dark.

Before the event

Since this was the first time I went to a Kome Iijan event, I had no idea what to expect. I had just heard that everyone goes inside in the order they come. So I went to the Loft around 10:00. I was the 5th person there for the Kome Iijan event.

The Loft was just a very small bar with a stage. The stage was at eye level, and was pretty small. It was probably just big enough to fit 10 people or so. But it was pretty easy to get a good view from just about anywhere. Great for looking, but not so great for pictures, as you end up looking up at the people on the stage.

I made the mistake of sitting too close to the stage.. Great for looking, but lousy for pictures. (;_;)

Since I didn't bring my tripod, I ended up taking a video of Pride, and taking photos during Daisuki. I should have taken videos of both and just given up on the pics.. Next time I'll bring a tripod (for the video camera) and sit farther in the back to take better pictures.

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