Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Christmas Live 2000

Event Kira Melo Christmas Live
Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
Date 2000.12.24
Time 18:30 - 21:00
Cost 3500 yen
Guests Tsuchiya Mieko (土屋美恵子)
Nagai Nobuko (永井信子)
Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良)
Ohtsuka Mae (大塚麻恵)
Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ)
Sawai Natsumi (沢井なつ美)
Tanabe Miri (田邊みり)
Itou Asuka (伊藤あすか)
Ogata Satoko (尾形聡子)
Inoue Eri
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.01.04

The Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Christmas Live took place on December 24, 2000. The tickets for the event went on sale a month before, but they passed out the entrance numbers at 10:00 the day of the event. So, on 12/24, I woke up early and went to Shibuya to wait in the cold for the entrance ticket. I got there at around 7:00 and I was number 12. The person after me didn't come until after 8:00, and most people started coming around 9:00.

There were around 150 people, so it was very packed in the back. There were only 4 rows of 8 seats, and everyone else had to stand. Since I was number 12, I got a seat in the third row, to the left.

The list of songs were as follows.

  • Silent Night
  • White Christmas
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Pride (everyone)
  • Who's No. 1 (everyone)
  • Osaki ni Shitsurei (Itou Asuka, Tsuchiya Mieko, Hinano Mayo) [Onyanko Club]
  • Everything (Sawai Natsumi) [Misia]
  • Santa to Tenshi ga Warauyoru (Inoue Eri) [Dreams Come True]
  • Christmas (Tsuchiya Mieko) [Judy & Mary]
  • Christmas skit
  • Gerende ga Tokeruhodo Koisitai (Ogata Satoko) [Hirose Koumi]
  • Angel Song -Eve no Kane- (Tanabe Miri) [The Brilliant Green]
  • Daite (Ohtsuka Mae) [Matsuda Seiko]
  • Toki wo Koete (Hinano Mayo, Sawai Natsumi)
  • Moon (Mae, Sara, Nobuko, Mieko) [ED of Konohana: True Report]
  • The Glory Day (Hinano Mayo) [Misia]
  • Shiroi Koibito (Sakurai Sara) [Jungle Smile]
  • Yuki ni Kaita Love Letter (Nagai Nobuko) [Kikuchi Momoko]
  • Pink Christmas (Nagai Nobuko, Sakurai Sara) [Mi-Ke]
  • Hitomi ni Yakusoku (Tsuchiya Mieko) [Watanabe Minayo]
  • Yell (White Che)
  • Heroine (everyone) [Wonderful Girls]
  • Kira Melo song medley (everyone)
    • Heart Chu no Theme
    • Soba ni Itai
    • Say U
  • Daisuki -mix version-


  • Mickey Mouse March [parapara]
  • Kira Para Fire
  • Who's No. 1
  • Daisuki
There were many recent Christmas (or winter) related songs.

This was my final event of 2000, and also the best event of 2000.

At the end of the event, they passed out a Christmas card to everyone. It was a random card from one of the girls.
[After a trade, I ended up with Nobuko's card. (^_^;)]

the details

The event opened with three Christmas songs, sung in English. Nobuko, Sara, Mae, and Satoko sang Silent Night. Then Mayo, Natsumi, and Eri sang White Christmas, and Mieko, Asuka, and Miri sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Each girl had one or two lines that they sang solo. Nobuko's "holy infant so tender and mild" was EXTREMELY CUTE! (Maybe the cutest spoken English I have ever heard.) Nobuko was wearing a black idolish outfit, with was VERY cute.

The emcees for this event were Ohtsuka Mae and Sakurai Sara.

The next song was Pride by everybody.

Then they sang the new song Who's No. 1, This was a very cute song, and Mae played a flute (pipe?) in the middle of it.

The next song was Osaki ni Shitsurei (an old Onyanko Club song) by Mieko and ? (I forgot).

Then Sawai Natsumi came to sing Everything. This was a very nice ballad by Natsumi.

The next song was Santa to Tenshi ga Warauyoru by Inoue Eri.

The next song was Christmas by Tsuchiya Mieko.

Then there was a break from the songs, as some of the girls did a Kira Melo Youchien (Kindergarten) Christmas skit. Sawai Natsumi, Tanabe Miri, Itou Asuka, and Inoue Eri were the kindergarten kids. Hinano Mayo was santa claus and Nagai Nobuko was santa's helper. Nobuko was wearing a very cute red santa outfit.

After the skit, they went back to the songs, and Ogata Satoko sang Gerende ga Tokeruhodo Koisitai.

Then Tanabe Miri sang Angel Song -Eve no Kane-.

Ohtsuka Mae was next with Daite (an old Matsuda Seiko song).

Then Hinano Mayo and Sawai Natsumi came out to sing Toki wo Koete, a Super Robot Taisen song. Mayo sang the male parts and Natsumi sang the female parts.

The next song was an ending theme to some game (which will be announced in January), sung by Ohtsuka Mae, Sakurai Sara, Nagai Nobuko, and Tsuchiya Mieko. This was a very good song.
[The song is Moon, and the game is Konohana: True Report]

Then Hinano Mayo sang The Glory Day.

Sakurai Sara (wearing a winter coat) sang Shiroi Koibito. This was very good ballad. I didn't think Sara could sing this well.

Nagai Nobuko sang Yuki ni Kaita Love Letter.

Then Nobuko and Sara sang Pink Christmas

Next was Tsuchiya Mieko singing Hitomi ni Yakusoku.

Then Nagai Nobuko, Sakurai Sara, and Sawai Natsumi came onto the stage. They announced that their unit, White Che, had become an official Kira Melo group. They sang their song Yell.

Then all of the girls came out to sing Heroine.

Next was the Kira Melo unit song medley. Since there weren't any complete groups, everyone came onto the stage to sing the Kira Melo unit songs. Most of the singing was done by girls other than the real singer. They sang Heart Chu no Theme, Soba ni Itai, and Say U. They also did the real dances with the songs.

The last song was Daisuki (remix version). For this versions, they wanted a part of the calls changed. The part that goes "yeah yeah" (long) became "yeah yeah yeah yeah" (quick). The solo parts were sung by Nobuko, Mieko, Mae, Eri (Chiyomi), Sara, Satoko (Sora), Miri, Mayo, and Natsumi.

Then there was a call for an encore, and the girls came back onto the stage. The stand mikes were set up, and the first dance was the Mickey Mouse March (para para). Then they went to Kira Para Fire.

After the para para, they sang Who's No. 1 again. Then the real last song of the evening was Daisuki (normal version).


After the event ended, they set up a table to sell some Kira Melo goods. In addition to the normal goods, they had a limited number of grab bags for 1000 yen. The girls came out to sell the bags and goods. Since this wasn't coordinated well, it was very packed and everyone except us at the front had a hard time getting to the table.

I bought one of the grab bags. It had a Heart Chu T-shirt (2000 yen), the Kira Melo patch (1000 yen), the Kira Melo cloth bag (500 yen), some photos, and some other small goods.

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