Kira Melo Christmas Live

Event Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Christmas Live
Location Piaza Matsudo 6F
Date 1999.12.25
Time 18:40 - 21:15
Cost 4000 yen
Guests listed below
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.28
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.01.07

The Kira Melo girls who participated are listed below.

Sawai Natsumi (沢井なつ美)
Nagai Nobuko (永井信子)
Daikoku Yuuka
Serai Shizuko (瀬來至寿子)
Tsuchiya Mieko (土屋美恵子)
Takahira Jun (高比良純)
Shintani Sayaka (新谷さや香)
Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ)
Ohgoshi Tomoe (大越友恵)
Tanabe Miri (田邊みり)
Kimura Ikue (木村郁絵)
Minano Fuuko (皆乃楓子)
Kuwakado Sora (桑門そら)
Kadowaki Mai (門脇舞)
Yabuta Naoko (藪田尚子)
Furuuchi Rika (古内里佳)
Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良)
Ohtsuka Mae (大塚麻恵)
Matsumoto Chiyomi (松本智代美)
Takase Noriko (高瀬典子)

The Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Christmas event took place on December 25, 1999 at the Piaza Matsudo hall on the 6th floor. This was a "fan club only" event, so normal people couldn't attend. Also it was limited to 70 people, so one had to make reservations early. I reserved it only 45 minutes after they started taking reservations, and I was number 42. Seating for the event was by number.

This was definitely the best event of 1999. (^_^;)

There was also food at this event. Before the event started, and during the 15 minute intermission, everyone was able to eat and drink (stand up style eating). They had beer, wine, soft drinks, and several different kinds of foods and cakes.

The emcees for the event were Sawai Natsumi and Nagai Nobuko. The event was divided up into two parts, and flowed as follows.

  • Kira Melo no Theme (all)
  • Hanbun Fushigi [CoCo] (Nobuko, Sara, Noriko, Natsumi)
  • ? (Ikue, Fuuko, Miri, Yuuka)
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Muteki Palette)
  • ? [Wink] (Shizuko)
  • Nagisa no Haikara Ningyou [Koizumi Kyoko] (Natsumi)
  • Asu he no Yuuki [Yoshinari Keiko] (Nobuko)
  • White Love [Speed] (Yuuka, Sora, Rika, Mai, Mae, Naoko, Shizuko)
  • birthday presents (October, November, December)
  • 15 minute break
  • Mieko Miri competition
  • Say-U (Muteki Palette)
  • Stormy Dune (Dear Me)
  • ? (Miri, Ikue)
  • skit (Chiyomi, Mieko, Jun, Sayaka, Sara, Mai)
  • Christmas presents [Mayo, Fuuko, Nobuko]
  • ? (Heart Chu)
  • Kira Kira (Heart Chu)
  • Daisuki! (all)
  • photo session
  • ENCORE Daisuki! (all)

All of the girls were dressed in Christmas colors (white or red). The first half was basically songs, with a little bit of talk mixed in. After opening with Kira Kira Melody Gakuen no Theme, the other songs were popular (or idol) songs, many of them sort of related to Christmas.

Nagai Nobuko was wearing all white, and was very cute singing Asu he no Yuuki (one of the songs to the Rayearth TV series).

At the end of the first half, they had the birthday presents corner. Everyone who had birthdays in October, November, or December got called up to the stage. We all received a birthday card signed by all of the girls, and a polaroid of the girls.

Mine was handed to me by Sakurai Sara.

The second half of the event began with a series of competitions between Mieko and Miri. They had competed in a few funny competitions beforehand, and they showed the video of that. Miri won the bowling match, Mieko won the sliding down a hill race, and Miri won ? [I forgot]. Then they had two more competitions right there. One was a math (addition, multiplication), and Mieko won. The last one was an eating and drinking contest, and Miri won.

For each competition, the crowd had to predict the winner. The one(s) who predicted all of them correctly got a present.

Then they went on to more songs.

After some songs, Mayo, Fuuko, and Nobuko came out dressed in santa outfits, and passed out a present to everyone. The present was a Christmas card and picture badge by one of the girls.

Mine was by Sakurai Sara.

Then Heart Chu sang two songs (wearing their usual Heart Chu outfits). The first was sung by Sayaka, with Mieko and Jun dancing in the background.

The last song Daisuki was by everyone, after the Heart Chu girls changed back to their Christmas outfits.

Then all the girls got in formation for the photo taking session. Everyone (in groups of 8) was able to take pictures for around 3 minutes.
[Of course it would have been much better if they allowed us to take pictures during the event.. (^_^;)]

After the girls left, there was a call for an encore, and the girls came back to sing Daisuki again.

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