Kome 'E' Jan - 2001.05.13

Event Kome 'E' Jan
Location Shinjuku Loft Plus One
Date 2001.05.13
Time 14:00 - 15:30
Cost 2000 yen (includes drink)
Guests Nagai Nobuko (ʰ濮)
Akimoto Noe
Hayashi Akari
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.05.16

I went to the May 2001 Kome E Jan event because I heard Nagai Nobuko would be appearing as a guest. The Kome E Jan event is a variety event by the Orions Belt production actors and actresses.

Before the event, I was surprised to see Nobuko standing with the other Orions Belt girls. Usually the Orions Belt actresses stand in the halls, some of them selling tickets for future events or taking applications for new fan club members or signing autographs and such. They usually allow pictures too. But I didn't bring any of my small lenses, so I couldn't take any pictures of Nobuko. (;_;) It was too crowded and too small to use my 70-200mm lens.

Before the event, Nobuko was wearing a black short sleeve T-shirt which had "milk" written on it. She had cut her hair from the previous time that I saw her (three weeks ago).

The event itself was a mixture of comedy skits and songs. But there was also a public audition for girls to join Orions Belt.

Some of the songs were:

  • ? (?)
  • Delicate ni Suki Shite (Hayashi Akari)
  • ? (? & ?)
  • ? (Sonoda Mayu)
  • [audition] Feeling Heart (? - 12 years old)
  • [audition] ? (? - 20 years old)
  • [audition] Asu he no Yuuki (Nagai Nobuko - 22 years old)
  • Daisuki (Sakamatsu Mei) [Hirosue Ryouko's Daisuki]
  • ? (Choubakuretsu Ranman Musume)
There were a few skits thrown in between the songs too.

Nagai Nobuko was the third girl in the audition. Nobuko was wearing a red and white, idol-ish one piece dress. She had also put her hair in two tails, off to the back. VERY cute!

Nobuko announced that she was 22 years old, from Kanagawa. She said that her hobby was to collect 10 yen coins (the ones with the jagged edges). Her special skill was that she can talk to dogs. Nobuko also said she was good at yoyo fishing (at the Japanese summer festivals).

Nobuko said that she wanted to be an idol who appeared in commercials, sing songs, and also appear in TV dramas. Then Nobuko said that she thought up a stage name for herself. She showed everyone the paper with her new name, Miyanishi Noa (ǵ).

Then Nobuko sang Asu he no Yuuki (but just the first verse). After the song, Nobuko said her voice was a little different today, as her nose was stuffed (as she had caught a cold).

There was a little bit of talk after that, but then Nobuko left the stage. Nobuko was only on the stage for about 6 or 7 minutes.

They allow videos and pictures (without flash), so I brought all of my equipment. I took a couple pictures of everyone, and about 2.5 rolls of Nobuko. I should have taken more, but I was also taking a video (with the DV camera on a tripod) so I couldn't do both.

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