Kome Iijan - 2002.08.11

Event Kome Iijan
Location Live Inn Magic (Yotsuya)
Date 2002.08.11
Time 13:00 - 14:30
Cost 1300 yen + 500 yen (drink)
Guests Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
Hayashi Akari
Ono Akiko
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.08.15

The Kome Iijan event (monthly event for the Orions Belt actors/actresses) for August 2002 took place on 8/11 at Live Inn Magic. This was a "seiyuu special" event, featuring Miyanishi Noa and Hayashi Akari (the two seiyuu in Baboo Factory). They had announced that Noa will sing a new original song at this event.

The event flowed like one long skit, with various songs thrown in. The basic story was the preparation for a school festival (in a school for raising "stars"), with Noa and Akari as roommates in the seiyuu dormitory.

The event opened with Noa and Akari wearing pajamas, talking in their room. Noa mentioned that the seiyuu that she adored was "oneechan" (Inoue Kikuko).

The songs were as follows.

  • a few songs by a street musician (a guy)
  • Lun Lun (Hayashi Akari)
  • songs by Nakazato Megu and Sakamatsu Mei
  • My All (Miyanishi Noa)
  • ? (Kinoshita Yuu)
  • ? (acapella club)
  • ? (Chou Bakuretsu Ranman Musume)
  • Sobani Itene (Miyanishi Noa)
  • Kokuhaku (Miyanishi Noa)
  • Watashi no Stride (Miyanishi Noa)
They played a video of Baboo Factory (containing three episodes). They also played a video of Chocolate Kiss (the scene where Ichinose Sachi first appears in the game).

Then after the Choco Kiss video, Noa sang My All, the ending song to Chocolate Kiss. She even spoke the monologue during the song. Noa was wearing a pink and white checkered, no sleeve shirt, and a white skirt. VERY cute!

This may have been the best song performance that I have ever seen. (^_^;

At the end of the event, there were three new songs by Miyanishi Noa! I was expecting only one song, but there were three. Noa was wearing a white one piece, and she sat down behind a music stand to sing. She received the songs less than a week before the event, so she probably didn't have time to memorize the lyrics. Also there was a live band (guitars, keyboard) to play the music. The songs were slow songs, not the cute, idol-ish songs that Noa usually sings.

photo notes

I took 463 pictures with my D30 from the back, with 352 worth keeping. It's much better taking pictures standing in the back than sitting in the front, as the performers are looking almost at eye level with you. So you get better closeups, but it's impossible to take whole body shots.

Video was not allowed at this event.

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