LaLaLu CD Campaign event

Event LaLaLu CD Campaign event
Location Sagami Ohno Station
Date 2002.06.09
Time 17:00 - 18:30
Cost 1470 yen (cost of CD)
Guests LaLaLu
  • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.06.10

This event was the fifth (and last) campaign event for LaLaLu's maxi-single La (Large). It was a mini-live and handshake session, and all eight members participated.

The event took place in an open area just outside of the Sagami Ohno train station, in a shopping complex. The stage was open for anyone to watch, so there were many "normal" people who watched this event. One had to buy a CD to participate in the handshake session, but there were quite a few "normal" people buying CDs too. (^_^;

The LaLaLu girls wore their white outfits (but some of the girls had different tops from the previous day), and their stage flowed as follows.

  • You & I
  • Romantic wo Hajimemashou
  • Real Power
  • Session Impossible
  • You & I (long version)
They changed their song selection from the previous events, and it was one of the best performances ever by LaLaLu. Since this event was done in the open, they probably tried very hard to appeal to the public.

For the handshake session, the girls lined up in the following order (from right to left): Sara, Noa, Mae, Ikue, Fuuko, Sayaka, Mayo, Asuka. I bought two CDs and went through the handshake session twice.

There were around 50 fans who participated, but there were twice as many "normal" people who stood around to watch the mini-live. This is probably the biggest crowd that LaLaLu had performed in front of.

The LaLaLu girls came out to rehearse on the stage wearing their street clothes about 30 minutes before the actual event.

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