Tinkerbell Magic Night 6

Event Tinkerbell Magic Night 6
Location Live Inn Magic
Date 2001.03.04
Time 17:00 - 19:00
Cost 3500 yen (4000 yen at the door)
Guests White Che
Ace File
Sakurai Ayumi
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.03.06

Tinkerbell Magic Night is a minor idol live held in the small live house, Live Inn Magic. The guests for the March 4 event included White Che from Kira Kira Melody Gakuen, Nagai Nobuko (ʰ濮), Sakurai Sara (), Sawai Natsumi (ʤ).

Since White Che's appearance at this event was announced very late (way after the ticket reservations had started), there were already 50 tickets sold before the Kira Melo fans found out about this event. I got ticket number 56, and there were hardly any Kira Melo fans before me. But since there were many Ace File fans, there were hardly any seats left. So I was in the first "standing" row, dead center. But this was a great position for watching the event, as Live Inn Magic isn't very big.

The first performer was one girl from the group Friends, who sang 2 songs. The second performer was Sakurai Ayumi, who sang 4 songs. Then there was a present corner, with four signature boards signed by all of the guests.

White Che was the third performer. They were wearing the regular blue, white, and pink White Che outfits, but Nobuko had her hair in twin tails off to the sides. (EXTREMELY CUTE!)

White Che's stage was very long, about 45 minutes! This was definitely the best White Che stage to date. Their stage flowed as follows.

  • Yell
  • Kira Medley
    • Chururu Daishouri (Sara)
    • Say U (Nobuko, Natsumi, Sara)
    • Mane Mane Money (Sara, Nobuko, Natsumi)
    • Born Again (Nobuko)
    • Always (Sara, Nobuko, Natsumi)
    • Stormy Dune (Sara, Nobuko, Natsumi)
    • Meguru Kisetsu [Summer] (Natsumi)
    • Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Kouka (Nobuko, Sara, Natsumi)
    • Kira Kira (Natsumi, Nobuko, Sara)
    • Pride (Nobuko, Sara, Natsumi)
  • Who's No. 1
  • Daisuki

There was a little talk between each song, but the The Kira Medley was a continuous 15 minutes. It was great that they put in a solo song for each girl inside the medley. They even danced the real dances for the Kira Melo songs.

This was the first time that anyone sang and danced Mane Mane Money. This was the first time that anyone did the real dance for Always.

For the pipe part of Who's No. 1 all three girls played the pipes. Nobuko's looked like it was the same green one that the she used at Idol Chu-Mail the previous month. Natsumi used an orange one, and Sara's was [I forgot].

I left after the White Che stage, so I didn't get to see Ace File.

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