Love Under17 Live

Event Love Under17 Live
Location Live Inn Magic (Ichigaya)
Date 2005.02.05
Time 19:00-21:00
Cost 3000 yen
Performers Ichii Hiori
Sakura Fumi
Yuuki Haruka
Hasumi Airi
Konatsu Minato
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  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.04.11

This event was a song event by several cosplayers, set up by Ichii Hiori and Sakura Fumi. The songs were limited to those by the group Under17.

This was Ichii Hiori's 19th singing event.

There were around 100 people in the crowd, and many of them were fans of Under17, instead of the singers/cosplayers. I also spotted Oda Yumiko, Saaya, and some other idol cosplayers in the crowd.

There were just three rows of seats, and the rest was standing room. Most fans just stood (and jumped).

Photos without flash allowed, but no video or audio recording allowed.

The songs flowed as follows.
  • いちごGo! Go! (All)
  • 恋のミルキーウェイ (ユウキ ハルカ)
  • ラブスレイブ (蓮見 あいり)
  • おかしなオンナノコ (櫟 氷織)
  • ぽぽたん畑でつかまえて (えいみ)
  • みぃたんの魔法でポン (桜 ふみ)
  • フィギュアになりたい (真悠)
  • くじびきアンバランス (蓮見 あいり)
  • マウス Chu マウス (小夏 ミナト)
  • Anonymous…MOUSE!! (えいみ)
  • Extentions (桜 ふみ)
  • SHE・KNOW・BE〜恋の秘密〜 (真悠)
  • らぶケロぱにっく! (ユウキ ハルカ)
  • Nostalgia (小夏 ミナト)
  • OS NO/YES (櫟 氷織)
  • Alive (桜 ふみ)
  • Mail Me (桜 ふみ)
  • もっと、夢、見よう!! (All)
  • 天罰! エンジェルラビィ〜です。ver.〜 (All)

photo notes

I brought my 20D with the 70-200mm F2.8L lens and took 2007 photos, with 984 of them worth keeping. This is the most that I have taken with the 20D in one day so far.

The photo breakdown per girl was as follows.

Ichii Hiori 809
Sakura Fumi 131
Mayu 73
Yuuki Haruka 47
Hasumi Airi 27
Konatsu Minato 19
Eimi 17

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