Angel Night

Event Angel Night
Location Live Inn Magic
Date 2005.05.20
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Cost 3000 yen
Performers Ichii Hiori
Kisaragi Marii
Urabe Kei
  • Event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.05.22

This event was an Ichii Hiori one year anniversary special event. Hiori first sang at an event on May 21, 2004 so it was the one year anniversary of her singing debut. This was Hiori's 24th singing event. (I went to all 24 of them.)

Hiori was also the emcee of this event, the first time she was an emcee.

The event flowed as follows.
  • Hiori sang three songs (Angelic Magic, two new songs)
  • Lili sang three songs
  • Chiaki sang three songs
  • Kisaragi Marii sang and danced three songs
  • Urabe Kei sang two songs
  • Urabe Kei and Junko sang one song

  • everyone (Delicate ni Suki shite)
  • Hiori and Chiaki (Koi no Milky Way)
  • Hiori and Marii (Motto Yume Miyou)
  • Hiori, Lili, Kei, Junko (Kaze no Mirai he)
  • everyone (Pajama no Mamade)

The first part of the event was solo stages by everyone. The second part was a "duet" stage, where Hiori sang with all of the guests.

During her solo stage, Hiori wore the white Momoi outfit, and sang "Angelic Magic". She also two new songs that she just wrote. For the duet stage, Hiori wore a school girl-like outfit, white shirt and tie and checkered skirt.

Photos without flash allowed. No audio or video recording allowed.

Since I had another event right after this, I couldn't stay for the goods selling portion after the event.

photo notes

I brought my 20D and took 1599 photos, with 864 of them worth keeping.

My photo counts per girl was as follows.

Ichii Hiori 864
Chiaki 96
Urabe Kei 50
Kisaragi Marii 23

Only Hiori has solo photos. All others are group/duet photos.

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