Oda Chieri Street Live

Event Oda Chieri Street Live
Location Akihabara
Date 2005.11.13
Time 14:00 - 16:30
Cost free
Guests Oda Chieri (おだちえり)
Miyazawa Yuana
  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.11.23

Oda Chieri held her first "real" street live in Akihabara on November 13, 2005.

Chieri arrived in Akihabara around 14:00, pulling her yellow speaker on a cart and carrying a mike stand. She was with Miyazawa Yuana again. There were a lot of police in Akihbara this time, as it was a very nice day and the streets were very crowded. But there were several people performing on the streets, and near the train station.

Chieri chose a location on the street and started singing. A good sized crowd gathered around, but after two songs, the police came and stopped her.

So she moved to another location, next to the Dai Biru (the new, large office building next to the station). But the guards of the Dai Biru came and stopped her during her first song (the police have no jurisdiction in the Dai Biru property).

So Chieri walked around for another place to sing. She went to the other side of Akihabara (in front of Yodobashi), and started singing. There were some other groups singing nearby, but there weren't that many people on this side of Akihabara.

There was almost no crowd at all, but after two or three songs, the police came again. This time the police made her write her name and stuff, instead of just giving her a warning.

I thought Chieri would give up at this point, but she didn't!

She went back to the bus stop area near the Dai Biru, and started singing again. There were many other singers singing nearby. This time, Chieri was able to sing several songs. She sang until a little past 16:00.

Chieri brought some demo CDs and some color postcards, and passed them out to the people who stopped to watch.

Chieri posted on her BBS that she sang the following songs.

オーイエスノーイエス, フィギュアになりたい, もっと、夢、みよう!, くじ引きアンバランス, ブギートレイン03, おだっちぇ@ネバーランド, 缶けり, チェリーキャンディ, nachu☆nachu

I used my 20D and 24-105 F4L IS lens, and ended up with 109 photos worth keeping. It was very bright until around 15:00, but after that it started getting dark very fast because of the tall buildings.

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