Bandai Character Festival, Tonde Buurin Show

Event Bandai Character Festival, Tonde Buurin show
Location Shin Takanawa Prince Hotel
Date 1995.08.14
Time 12:00 - 13:00
Guests Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ)
Matsumoto Rica ()
Cost 1300 yen

  • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.08.17

On August 14, 1995, in the main stage of the Bandai Character Festival, they had a Tonde Buurin show with Shiratori Yuri and Matsumoto Rica as guests.

At first, the emcee girl called for Buurin, and Buurin (the kigurumi) came out onto the stage. The kigurumi was very well made, and cute.

Then Shiratori Yuri came out. Yuri was wearing a blue-ish (?) short one-piece dress. (Shorter than knee length.) Yuri was also wearing socks and gym shoes. Very, very cute!

"Shut up! Be quiet!" Matsumoto Rica said in Kuroha Keiko's voice, as she came out to the music of Keiko's theme (?). Then she sang a little bit of the song.

Then they talked about some memories of past summer vacations.

Yuri: Every year I went to the ocean with my family. My father would put me on his shoulder and go out into the sea. Then when the big wave came, my father always let go of my legs.

Rica: I remember the homework. Since I didn't write the diary everyday, I had to call my friends to ask what the weather was on a certain day.. It's so boring to write the same thing every day.

Rica (to Yuri): Did you do it too?
Yuri: I didn't have any diary for homework.
Rica: Really? What did you have?
Yuri: Math, Japanese, etc..

Then they did a short afureco (after recording) demonstration, with one person from the audience. They picked an 11 year old girl and they did a little bit from one of the Buurin episodes.

Then they had a Buurin quiz corner, where the person with the correct answer got a Buurin toy.

  • 1. What does Kokubu Karin transform into?
  • 2. Who does Kokubu Karin like?
  • 3. What does Buurin have to do after she transforms?
  • 4. What does Buurin get after she helps somebody?
  • 5. What will happen to Buurin after she gets 108 pearls?
  • 6. What will happen if someone finds out Buurin's identity?
  • 7. What is the name of the yellow pig who is with Buurin?
  • 8. What is the name of the compact that Karin uses to transform?
  • 9. Who is the class representative in Karin's class?
  • 10. What club does Karin belong to in her school?

After the quiz corner, Matsumoto Rica sang two songs. Balance of the Mind and Sayonara, from her new album Destiny.

After the song, the two guests gave their final message.

Yuri: Thanks for coming. Buurin is heading for a climax, so please look forward to it.

Rica: We have already seen the final episode of Buurin. It's a great ending. I hope that you will remember Buurin even when you get bigger. Thank you for coming.

After the event ended, Matsumoto Rica held a signing session for those who bought her album.

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