Dirty Pair Flash 2/13

Event Dirty Pair Flash
Location Shinseidou record store (Ogikubo)
Date 1994.02.13
Time 10:30 - 12:30
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ)
Matsumoto Rica ()
  • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.14
  • Report version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.07
    [corrections and additions by Peter Evans]

The "Dirty Pair Flash" event was held in the Shinseidou record store in Ogikubo on 1994.02.13. There were two events that day because there were so many people who sent in postcards for it. (I was number 136 for the morning event.)

The event itself was held in a small basement room. There were around 80 or so seats, and the rest of the people had to stand along the walls or behind the seats. Since I was near the end, I had to stand in the back. (;_;) But it was only around 10 meters, and at least I got into the morning event.

The event started 15 minutes late at 10:45.

The emcee (Kuwajima-san of Bandai) came out and greeted us. He made announcements to sell Dirty Pair Flash (of course that's what this event is for in the first place ^_^). He said that the guests will be Kouda Mariko (voice actress for Yuri) and Matsumoto Rika (voice actress for Kei). Matsumoto Rika would only be there for the morning event, as she had another event to go to in the afternoon. (busy ^_^)

Then they showed Dirty Pair Flash episode 1 "Runaway Angel".

After the video ended (around 11:20), the emcee and the two voice actresses came out. Kouda Mariko was holding a stuffed animal monkey. (The name of the monkey was Ukki, and it was a monkey shaped bag that contained her valuables, like her wallet. But her wallet had no money in it, she said.)

Then another special guest came. It was Takachiho-sensei, the author of Dirty Pair. He brought bouquets for the two girls. After giving the girls the flowers, he started to leave. But they stopped him.

Takachiho-sensei talked about Dirty Pair Flash. He said that the 6 part series makes up one story. It is Dirty Pair Flash, and because of the title change, it is at totally different story. Then he sat down in the front row on the left side of the audience to enjoy the show.

The emcee and the two voice actresses talked about previous Dirty Pair Flash events in Osaka, Nagoya, etc. (The Nagoya event was the previous day, I think.)

On the way back from the Nagoya event, they got lost (separated) at the Shinkansen station. Kouda Mariko and Kuwajima-san were running around looking for Matsumoto Rika. They couldn't find her, so they got off of the train at the last minute. But Matsumoto Rika was already in the train when the doors closed. So she rode on the train and came back to Tokyo by herself. Kouda Mariko had to take the next train.

Then they had a question and answer session.

Q: Why do the Dirty Pair have to transform?
Takachiho: They are just changing clothes.
M. Rika: It is fan service. (^_^;)
someone: Besides, everyone is doing it, Sailor Moon, etc.

Q: What was difficult in doing the voices?
K. Mariko: It's always difficult. I was told to make it a character that would be hated by girls.
M. Rika: I'm doing it as myself, so it's not too difficult. I just have to keep talking like a "man".

They said that the voice recording for episode 4 was the next day. (February 14)

Q: Where there any "happenings" during the recording?
A: No. But since we do it without pictures, it's difficult. Also it's very early in the morning, 10 AM.

Q: What is your future dream?
K. Mariko: Conquest of space.
M. Rika: I don't know until is comes. I try not to dream much. Right now I just want to make Dirty Pair Flash good.

At around 11:40, the emcee said that they were running out of time. He asked the voice actresses for final words.

K. Mariko: GS Mikami will end soon. But Marmalade Boy will start. I will also be in Tekkaman Blade 2, Twin Bee Paradise. The CD for Dirty Pair Flash with drama and songs will go on sale 4/25. Each of us will sing 2 solos and 2 duets. [Twin Bee Paradise is a radio show.]
M. Rika: There will be more Dirty Pair Flash events. On 4/2, there will be one for the CD at Yomiuri Hall. [a combination event with Cyber Formula] The recording for the CD will start next week. I'm also in Muka Muka Paradise. Many people don't know it, but I'm doing the voice for the cat and the old woman too.

Then the emcee started playing the music to their new song, and asked them to sing. The voice actresses said that they didn't remember the words, but they sang anyway. It was a nice lively song. Matsumoto Rika sang the first verse, and Kouda Mariko sang the second. Then the mike started having problems, so they sang the last chorus without it. [This was great! ^_^]

After the song, the guests left. Then they showed Dirty Pair Flash episode 2 "Dark Side Angel". This episode is not on sale yet.

After the video ended (around 12:20), the emcee and Kouda Mariko came out for the present session. They were giving out 4 signature boards (with one frame of 35 mm film of the Dirty Pair Flash video), and a signed rental video (containing Dirty Pair Flash episodes 1 and 2).

They called out my number, and I won one of the signature boards!! I went up to the front and was handed the board by Kouda Mariko. (^_^)

The film I got was of the scene in episode 1 where the guy who had the card died on the street in front of Yuri.

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