Golden Boy in Tokyo

Event Golden Boy in Tokyo
Location Kudan Kaikan (Kudanshita)
Date 1995.07.22
Time 14:00 - 16:30
Seiyuu Guests Tsuru Hiromi (鶴ひろみ)
Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀)
Kanai Mika (かないみか)
Iwata Mitsuo (岩田光央)
Other Guests Egawa Tatsuya (江川達也)
Kitakubo Hiroyuki (北久保弘之)
Kawamoto Toshihiro (川元利浩)
Cost free (need postcard)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.08.03

The Golden Boy event in Tokyo took place on July 22, 1995 at the Kudan Kaikan.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Golden Boy 1 OAV
  • guest talk show
  • presents

Golden Boy 1 OAV

They showed the first Golden Boy OAV (35mm film). It was very funny, and not as ecchi as the manga.

It was mostly completed, but there was no opening or ending credits. In the final version, there will be a 120 second OP.

guest talk show

As usual with KSS events, Shocker Ohno was the emcee. He introduced the guests.

The female president, Tsuru Hiromi.
Employee C, Takahashi Miki.
"The voice was a little huskier than usual, did you recognize me?"
Employee E, Kanai Mika.
The creator of the manga, Egawa Tatsuya.
The director of the OAV, Kitakubo Hiroyuki.
The character designer, Kawamoto Toshihiro.

Then they started the talk show.

Ohno: How was the main character Kintarou?
Egawa: It was great. It surpassed the manga. During the after recording, I was very surprised. I didn't know that this character would have this much impact.
Iwata Mitsuo (just the voice): You told me to do it that way.
Mika: Who is that?
Ohno: Is this a recording?

Egawa Tatsuya tried to talk the to "the voice", but the timing was off. So everyone thought it was just a recording of Iwata Mitsuo, the voice actor who did Kintarou's voice. But then, Iwata Mitsuo came from the back of the audience and walked up onto the stage!

Ohno (to the director): I heard that you also directed the voices too. Usually the director just looks over the art and leaves the voices to the sound director.
Kitakubo: Yes, I did the sound directing too.
Ohno: You selected the cast too?
Kitakubo: Yes. Kintarou was the hardest one. It's a character that's hard to do, unless you really know what kind of person Egawa Tatsuya is. I was wondering who could do this role.. and I thought of Iwata Mitsuo.
Ohno: How did you select Tsuru Hiromi?
Kitakubo (pointing to Egawa): Please ask him.
Egawa: She did Ooaya Mari-sensei in Taruruuto-kun. I thought that she was the only one who could do this.

Then the talk moved onto the various voices that Tsuru Hiromi had done in the past. Shocker Ohno said that he liked Dokin-chan (from Anpan-man), and then he said that Melon-panna was here too. [Kanai Mika was Melon-panna.] Then Tsuru Hiromi and Kanai Mika did a short talk with Dokin-chan and Melon-panna-chan's voices.

Ohno (to the audience): Since there wasn't an ED, maybe you couldn't tell which voice actor did which character.
Kitakubo: In this first episode, Kintarou is the only one with a name.
Ohno (to Takahashi Miki): How was employee C?
Miki: In this episode I only had three lines. [to the audience] Did you know which character I did? Since this character was different from my usual character, I was looking forward to it. But I only had three lines.
Ohno (to Kanai Mika): How was employee E?
Mika: I was the one who taught Kintarou a little bit. But in volume 6, I will be the main character.
Kitakubo: It's an original story. Just to spoil it a little bit, Kintarou will be going to work at an animation studio. There were will be a cute girl who paints the pictures..

Ohno (to Kawamoto): How was the character?
Kawamoto: In the manga there are many facial expressions. I wanted to keep those as much as possible.
Kitakubo: Also in the scene were the president appears, the character is on the back cel, and the breasts are on another cel in the front. The breasts are the only part that moves, and it's very dangerous.

Ohno: What did you think when you saw that pururun?
[pururun = the sound of the breasts bouncing around]
Hiromi: I was very jealous.
Ohno: Was there any part that was hard to do?
Hiromi: It was Iwata-san.
Ohno: You had a hard time because of Iwata-san?
Hiromi: Yes.
Iwata: I was just doing it as best as I can.
Hiromi, Mika: He was very funny.
Mika: It was hard to keep from laughing.

Ohno: So to introduce the other characters.. D is Shimagata Junko, A is Inoue Kikuko, and B is Iwao Junko. So the Osakana Penguin combination is there.
Egawa: Also there is yakuza A..
Ohno: Yes, we have the seiyuu for yakuza A here today. Egawa-sensei did that one himself. You appear a lot in your own work?
Egawa: I appeared in some of my other stuff I had done. But out of the ones I've done so far, this was the best one.

Some questions from the crowd.

Q (to Iwata Mitsuo): Was there any part where you had to be careful when doing the voice?
Iwata: I received the script and I read it. Kintarou is a very wild character. So I went to Egawa-sensei and asked him about it. He told me to do it any way I wanted.
Egawa: When I saw his eyes, I thought, "He is that kind of person. I can leave it up to him."
Ohno: At the after recording, I heard Egawa-sensei say that he will imagine Iwata Mitsuo's voice when drawing Kintarou in the manga.
Iwata: I was able to do it mostly as myself, so it feels very good.

Q: Were there any lines of this OAV that you really liked?
Iwata: The part where Kintarou is cleaning the toilet.
Ohno: It seemed like you were really getting into it. That was an adlib, right?
Iwata: Yes.
Hiromi: In that scene, Iwata-san was really getting into it while doing the voice, and I have the line "Are you a hentai?" right after it. So I just said it like I was saying it to Iwata-san.
Miki: I only had three lines.. But it was very fun inside the studio with Iwata-san.
someone(?): How would you like someone like him as a boy friend?
Miki: I do like that kind of person. It was a lot of fun.
Mika: I had never done an OL (office lady) before. Also even though I don't know anything about computers, I talked like I knew everything, so it was fun.
Egawa: Since Naya Gorou-san was next to me during the recording, I was very nervous.
Kitakubo: Iwata-san was the mood maker. Because of him, it turned out this way.
Kawamoto: I think there are many places where the characters are being helped out by the seiyuu.

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