Hori Pro Idol Paradise

Event Hori Pro Idol Paradise
Location Sunshine City (Ikebukuro)
Date 1998.07.20
Time 15:00 - 16:00
Guests Ohmori Reiko (翹)
Sakai Ayana
Niiyama Chiharu
Fukada Kyoko
Cost free (to watch)
4400 yen or 6800 yen (to shake hands)

  • Event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.07.20
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.07.28

The Hori Pro (a production for idols) Idol Paradise event took place in the open area of Sunshine City on July 20, 1998. The event was open to anyone, but in order to get inside the ropes (right in front of the stage) or to participate in the handshake session, one had to be a member of the Hori Pro Idol fan club. The cost of membership was 4400 yen for a half year, or 6800 yen for a full year.

The area for the fan club members was jam packed. All of the people couldn't fit where they usually set up the ropes, so the pulled it back a few rows. The people behind the fan club members probably couldn't see anything..

The second, third, and fourth floors were also very crowed. I went three hours before the event (because I'm not that much of a fan), and luckily found a spot on the second floor, off to the right side. None of the places facing the stage were open on the second or third floors.. On the second floor, only the places behind the stage were open. Since pictures were allowed, I didn't want to end up behind the stage.

On the news, they said that there were around 3000 people there. There was LOT of press for the event. More than any seiyuu or anime event that I have ever been to.

The event opened with Ohmori Reiko singing La La La -Kuchibiru ni Negai wo Komete-.

Then the other guests came onto the stage one by one, with a short talk by each one.

After all of the guests were on stage, they had a game contest. The first game was a "step counter". They taped counters on the legs of the girls, and the girls moved around for 30 seconds. The person who had the most steps got 5 points, the second person got 4 points, and so on. Then the girls played "name that tune", with 2 points being awarded for each correct answer.

Sakai Ayana ended up being the winner.

Then there was a photo session (by the press), as the five girls posed on the stage with their backs to the fans. So the fans would be in the background..

There was also a present corner where they drew numbers from a box to pick the winners (fan club members only).

Then they moved onto the hanshake session portion of the event. Only the fan club members (one could join on the spot) were allowed to participate in this too.

my opinions

The only interesting part was Reiko's song. I wish she would have sung some more songs. I wonder why the other idols didn't sing..

I went to the event to see/hear Reiko sing, and to take pictures. But since I wasn't in a good location and because of the way they lined up on stage, I couldn't take many pictures. Reiko was on the far right, which made her closest to me. But that meant that she faced the left when talking to the others.. So I ended up watching the back of her head most of the time. (;_;)

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