Manatsu no Gakuensai

Event Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Station Square
Location Shinjuku Station Square
Date 1997.07.21
Time 13:00 - 14:00
Guests Iwao Junko (˽)
Matsuura Yuki
Hiiragi Mifuyu
Cost free to watch
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.07.23

The Manatsu no Gakuensai events took place on July 21 to July 25, 1997 to promote the Slayers and Tenchi Muyou summer movies. There were simultaneous events held in four or five locations.

On July 21, there was a Slayers/Tenchi Muyou! event at the Shinjuku Station Square (in the open, next to Shinjuku Station). This event was free, and it was VERY crowded. Also it was hot. When I got there at 10:30, it was 30 degrees, but it was 34 degrees by the time the event started.


The emcee was Hasegawa Nobita (an announcer for Bunka Housou). The guests were Iwao Junko, Matsuura Yuki, and Hiiragi Mifuyu.

Junko is doing the voice of Mayuka in the Manatsu no Eve movie. Mayuka came from the future, and was a 16 year old girl. She called Tenchi "father".

Q: Is she his daughter?
Junko: Please watch the movie.

Since this movie has Dolby Surround sound, they had to have the voices taken separately for some of the fighting scenes. They did the test together, but the real part was taken separately. So it was very hard to do.

Junko had to go first, so she couldn't listen to anyone else's voice. The other people who went after her were able to listen to her voice through the headphones.

Junko was told to lower the age of Mayuka's character. Although she was 16, mentally she was closer to 7.


There were some questions by the fans, written on a questionnaire while they were waiting earlier.

Q: Junko destroyed her voice for the Tenchi movie recording.
The movie was such that she had to give it her all. But it was just that night, and the next day, Junko was able to talk.

Q: This is a love story. Did this story change your views toward marriage?
Junko wants to get married, and this story didn't change her view on that.
Q: What type of guy do you like?
Junko: One who likes machines.
Junko uses both a Windows and Mac computer, so she wants someone who will let her bring computers with her to the new home. Also she wants someone who doesn't have much likes/dislikes.

Q: What happens when you drink?
Yuki said that she doesn't drink that much, and she likes sweet drinks. Mifuyu said that she talks a lot when she's drunk. She likes vodka.

Q: Do you change your personality when you do roles?
Mifuyu said that sometimes she feels like she is like Martina.

Q: How big is your hamster? [to Junko]
Junko said that she got home the previous night at 4 AM, after work, and she weighed Guu-chan (her hamster). Guu-chan weighed 60 grams. She said that he should exercise, but before he got stuck in the exercise wheel, so he doesn't do it any more.

Q: DJ, seiyuu, singer, song writer, which is your real profession? [to Yuki]
Yuki had been a song writer and singer for the longest. But she went to do some anime voices, and she likes that too.

Q: You do lots of boy roles, which do you like better? [to Mifuyu]
Mifuyu said that she liked doing boy roles better. She gets more embarrassed doing female roles than male roles.

Q: What do you do against the summer heat?
Junko: Eat.
Yuki: Eat, but I like summer.
Mifuyu: Nothing in particular, the heat doesn't affect me that much.

Cosplay Paradise

There were 11 cosplayers who dresses up in Tenchi and Slayers characters costumes. The cosplayers were all televised on the Altavision (Studio Alta).

After the cosplayers all came out on the stage, some of the professional campaign girls for Slayers and Evangelion came out also.


The seiyuu said some final words and the event ended.

Junko wants people to go watch the Tenchi movie when it starts on 8/2. Also she just released a CD single for Key the Metal Idol. Junko will also have a concert on 8/31, and release a new album in September.

Yuki will release a best album of anime songs that she had sung before.

Mifuyu will do a Slayers Great special live radio show on 7/27 from 14:00-15:55. Also she is doing the role of Leo's son in the Jungle Taitei movie, which starts on 8/1.

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