Marmalade Boy Spring Festa

Event Marmalade Boy Spring Festa
Kouda Mariko and Yamazaki Wakana on Stage
Location Kid's Farm Pao (Shibuya)
Date 1994.05.08
Time 13:00 - 14:00
Cost free
Guests Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ)
Yamazaki Wakana (²)
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.23

During the period of 4/28 to 5/10, there was a Marmalade Boy Spring Festa event at Kid's Farm Pao in Shibuya. [Kid's Farm Pao is an 8 story department store with just children's things.]

On the 8th floor of Pao, they had a display of Marmalade Boy cels, scripts, drawings, pop up boards (Miki, Meiko, Yuu, Ginta), and other things. They also sold toys, T-shirts, etc, and had simple games that you can play for prizes.

The days where they had special guests were as follows.

date guest
4/29 Hamada Eri
5/01 Hamada Eri
5/03 Yoshizumi Wataru
5/05 Yoshizumi Wataru (Takeuchi Naoko as a surprise guest)
5/08 Kouda Mariko, Yamazaki Wakana

The special events were held on the roof, where they had a simple stage area, and there were two sessions per day. For these events, they held drawings to limit the number of people. Since this event was advertised on TV during an Marmalade Boy episode, there were a LOT of people.

I only went on 5/08, because I had other events on some of those other days. (^_^;) The drawing for the event was going to start at 10:30, and I arrived at Pao around 9:00. There were probably 400 to 500 people there already, and they were only going to allow 300 people per session.

The drawing was held as follows. They had a box with white and orange ping pong balls inside. Each person got to pick one ball from the box, and if they got an orange one, they got a ticket to the event. I think there were 2 white and 2 orange ones, so the probability was 50%. But later on they added more balls, or changed an orange one for a white one, so the probability got worse.

I pulled an orange one and got number 146 for the 13:00 session!!

Many of the people who lost out went back into line, but there were probably around 1500 people, so I don't know how good their chances were.

The event

At around 13:00, the emcee (Yoshida-san) came out and gave some "standard" warnings. Then she left and the stage was empty. There was some school bell sounds, and the OP song to Marmalade Boy started playing.

After a while, Miki and Meiko's voices came over the speakers.

Miki said, "We're going to be late for school."
Meiko said, "I'm ready."

They said that Kouda Mariko and Yamazaki Wakana, the voice actresses who do Miki and Meiko, were going to come and do a show.

Miki said, "Please listen to Kouda Mariko's song. She's very nervous so please cheer for her. Here's Kouda Mariko!"

Then the music to the song "Moment" started playing. [Moment is the song that they play during the TV episodes near the end of most of the episodes.] Kouda Mariko appeared on the stage and sang the song. Everyone cheered and called out her name.

After the song, Mariko said, "When I came by taxi this morning, I saw everyone lined up. Who was here all night?" Then several people raised their hands. Mariko continued, "That means you didn't watch Marmalade Boy this morning. Did you see it? I was worried that you wouldn't be able to see it, but I guess you all have videos. What? You can see it on the game gear?" Someone had shouted out that they had watched it while waiting in line. Mariko said, "Thank you for coming to the Marmalade Boy event." Then she called Yamazaki Wakana to the stage.

As Wakana came onto the stage, people yelled out, "Wakana-chan!" Then Mariko also called the emcee back onto the stage. When they all got on the stage, the emcee re-introduced Kouda Mariko and Yamazaki Wakana.

The emcee said, "How did you image Miki and Meiko?"
Kouda Mariko said, "Miki is very pure, so I wanted that feeling to get across."
Yamazaki Wakana said, "Meiko is very adult (mature) compared to Miki. During the audition I did dialogues with many Mikis but, Mariko's Miki was the best."

Kouda Mariko and Yamazaki Wakana then did a "Marmalade Boy afureko corner". [afureko = after recording] They brought out scripts of Marmalade Boy, and Mariko and Wakana did a scene. It was the scene in the classroom after Ginta told Miki that he liked her.

Next they called two girls and one boy to do roles of Miki, Meiko, and Ginta with the real voice actresses. After doing the roles, they got presents. The little girl who got called to do Miki (Yamazaki Mayumi) was very good. She even said that she wanted to be a voice actress.

Then they had the "voice memo dengon game". [voice memo = the little robot thing in the TV series, a recorder] They had prepared two teams of three girls each (in advance), the Kouda Mariko team and Yamazaki Wakana team. The emcee had put a message into the voice memo. Each girl in turn listened to the message and restated the message. After the last girl put in the message, the voice actress had to listen to it and guess the message.

As one of the girls was playing the game, Kouda Mariko asked, "Oneesan, there isn't any ecchi stuff in there?"
The emcee girl said, "No. But it might be a little hard."

While the girls were playing the game (passing on the messages), the emcee, Mariko, and Wakana kept talking about many things. The emcee said that she was surprised because Mariko was similar to Miki in personality. She said Wakana was mature like Meiko. But then Mariko said that it wasn't so. Just the other day, they were wondering why Yuu's name was Yuu. Wakana had said that maybe it was because he was born when the parents were playing around. [Yuu's kanji can also be read play.]

Kouda Mariko asked who was the one that had come the earliest. Someone answered Friday, and Mariko was shocked. Then Mariko asked who had come from the farthest place. Someone answered Ooita. [Ooita is in Kyuushuu.] Mariko said, "What would you have done if you didn't win the lottery downstairs?"

Mariko asked Wakana what she would do if she had the voice memo. Wakana replied that she would put the next day's schedule so that she wouldn't forget.

When the three girls finished passing around the voice memo, they gave it to Mariko. She listened to it and said, "I can only hear everyone's excited voices! How can I rewind this? I don't know! Something is something is something..??"

Then the emcee played the answer, which was, "Kappano Kacchan henna kao. Demo daisuki."

After that they repeated the same game with Yamazaki Wakana's team. [I forgot what the answer was, but she didn't get it either.]

At the end of the event, Kouda Mariko and Yamazaki Wakana sang the ED song together.

[Sorry, I forgot what happened between the end of the voice memo dengon game and the final song.]


I took my camera and took 24 pictures. Since the event took place outdoors and it was sunny, the pictures turned out nicely. But I wish I had a bigger lens!

I also recorded the event, but because of a mistake, I only got the first 30 minutes on tape. (;_;)

I heard from someone that got into both sessions that the 15:00 session was the same as the 13:00 session.

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