Megami Paradise Event in Tokyo

Event Megami Paradise Event in Tokyo
Location Adachi Sangyou Shinkoukan (Tokyo)
Date 1995.06.25
Time 13:00 - 14:00
Guests Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ)
Cost 5800 yen [Megami Paradise 1]
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.06.28
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.10
    (includes additions by Howie Voigt)

On June 25, 1995, the event for the OAV Megami Paradise took place in Tokyo. It was held in the Adachi Sangyou Shinkoukan, which was an auditorium which seated around 540 people. It was possible to get tickets to this event by buying the Megami Paradise 1 LD or video at Animate stores in Tokyo. I think there were only 250 or so people who came to the event. The number was so low because it wasn't a free event.

The event flowed as follows.

  • talk by Shiratori Yuri
  • Megami Paradise 2
  • talk, quiz by Shiratori Yuri

talk by Shiratori Yuri

Shiratori Yuri was wearing a long one piece dress, and a hat.

The dress was white with very fine brown line on it in a criss-cross pattern. She was wearing a white beret-type hat, the kind she always wears. Her bangs were hanging down in the front, and her hair in the back seemed to be a little longer than recent pictures.

At first Yuri was having microphone difficulties, so the emcee and Yuri switched microphones. Then someone brought a new microphone for the emcee. The whole bit was really funny, and Yuri couldn't stop laughing as she tried to speak into the microphone and no sound came out.

There were several Megami Paradise events all over Japan between April and June. There were Akazukin Chacha events along with it. Yuri had a lot of time after the Megami Paradise event, so she went out to do some sight seeing by herself. She liked to go see temples. When she was in Kyuushuu, she just got on a bus to see if she can go all the way to the ocean.

Megami Paradise 2

We were very lucky! For all of the other Megami Paradise events, they had shown Megami Paradise 1. But today they showed Megami Paradise 2! We were one of the first people on this planet to see it!
It was VERY cute! Great pictures, great character designs, and great voices. It was slightly more ecchi than the first one..

talk, quiz by Shiratori Yuri

[some talk.. I forgot.. ^_^;;]

After the talk session, there was a quiz session for presents. The presents were signed Megami Paradise posters and some surprise goodies. They did a janken with everybody to narrow it down to 6 people. Then the 6 people went up to the stage and had to participate in a quiz tournament for the prizes.

Some of the questions that I remember were:

Q: What fruit besides a watermelon came out when Rurubell used her magic? (Megami Paradise 2)
A: A banana.

Q: What color where the magic balls that Riris dropped when Yamimama hit her? (Megami Paradise 2)
A: Red, blue, yellow.

Q: What brand of clothes was Yuri wearing?
A: [I don't remember the answer.]

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