Megami Paradise Event in Yokohama

Event Megami Paradise Event in Yokohama
Location Yokohama Nishiku Koukaidou (Yokohama)
Date 1995.04.04
Time 14:10 - 15:00
Guests Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ)
Cost 1980 yen [any Starchild CD]
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.04.07

On April 4, 1995, the event for the OAV Megami Paradise took place in Yokohama. It was held in the Nishiku Koukaidou, which was a small auditorium which seated 575 people. A record store in Yokohama was passing out the tickets to this event to those who bought a Starchild CD. I was number 159, and there were people with tickets numbered 800. But since it was a weekday event, it was not very crowded. I think there were only around 200 people.

The event flowed as follows.

  • talk show by Shiratori Yuri
  • Megami Paradise 1

talk show

Shiratori Yuri was wearing a brown long sleeve shirt, a white dress, and brown boots. She looked very cute with her short (shorter than before) straight hair. There was some random talk, some questions from the audience, and a present section where Yuri asked questions.

The parts that I remember were:

Shiratori Yuri's debut role was a guest character in the Granzort TV series. Her debut role in an OAV series was Iczer 3. When she went to the after recording for the first time, she was very nervous and couldn't go in front of the mike very easily.

When asked which character was her favorite, Yuri couldn't decide. She liked all of her characters.

When asked if she comes to Yokohama often, Yuri said that since she likes driving, she comes from time to time.

Some questions from the audience were:

Q (from Mr. event 107): Which line has the most lasting impression on you?
Yuri: Sakurakouji Hotaru from Densetsu no Yuusha DaGarn, "The earth is crying.."
Then Yuri did that line for us.

Q (a guy dressed up as Buurin): How are Mokona and Puu different?
Yuri: I did Puu when he was helping out Yuusuke in his training. Puu is very brave. Mokona is lively, and talks in a song-like manner. But the voice is very similar.
Then Yuri did the voices of Puu and Mokona. (They were the same.. ^_^;)

Some of Yuri's questions for the presents were:

Q: How did I come here today?
A: On the Toukaidou line.

Q: What position was I in my classroom in 5th grade? (when they lined up in height order)
A: 2nd from the front. Yuri was always 2nd throughout grade school.

Q: In the Megami Paradise OAV, I do the voice of Riris. Which voice do I do in the PC Engine game?
A: Angela.
Angela is a very sickly character. But Riris is very genki.

Megami Paradise 1

They were planning on showing the Megami Paradise 1 OAV, but they weren't finished so they only showed the first half, around 10 minutes.
It was VERY cute! Great pictures, great character designs, and great voices.

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