Onikirimaru 3, 4 Event

Event Onikirimaru 3, 4 Event
Location TBS Hall (Akasaka, Tokyo)
Date 1995.03.21
Time 13:30 - 15:30
Guests Shocker Ohno [voice actor, emcee]
Kanai Mika (かないみか) [voice actress]
Cost free (need postcard)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.22

The Tokyo event for the Onikirimaru OAVs 3 and 4 was held on 1995.03.21. (The event in Osaka was held on 3/26.) The TBS Hall was like a TV studio with a large stage, but it was not that big and could only hold around 300 to 400 people.

The event flowed as follows.

  • OAV Onikirimaru 3 "Hannya no shou" (on sale 5/26)
  • Talk show
  • break
  • Promotion video
  • OAV Onikirimaru 4 "" (on sale 7/21)
  • Drawing for prizes
  • Good bye message

OAV Onikirimaru 3

Shocker Ohno was the emcee for this event. They went immediately into the OAV showing.

Talk show

After the OAV, Shocker Ohno came out onto the stage. Before the guest came out, they played a voice message from Kusao Takeshi, the main character in Onikirimaru (the boy with the sword without a name). The message was as follows.

Hello, I'm Kusao Takeshi. I'm the one who plays the boy with the onikirimaru sword. I'm sorry I couldn't go to the event today, but I'm sure there are other fabulous guests there today. Onikirimaru is finished with volumes 3 and 4. In 1 and 2 it was fantastic, but in 3 and 4 the story is deeper. The 4th story is set in the Meiji period and it's an original story. Please enjoy this world of Onikirimaru. I'm sorry we couldn't meet today, let's meet at some other place. Bye.

Then the guest, Kanai Mika, came out. (Kanai Mika plays a little girl called Akane in OAV 3.) They sat down on chairs and started the talk session.

Ohno: How was the recording for Onikirimaru?
Mika: It was very fun during the breaks, but during the recording it was very scary.

Mika: Did you see it? How was it?
Ohno: Akane-chan was very cute. Akane didn't have to fight the demon, and it was like a normal child role?
Mika: I like to play little girls. Fukami Rica had a tough time, with all of those screams and such.
Ohno: I wonder how it would be if she did Sailor Moon with that voice. (^_^)

Ohno: It's hard for seiyuu with the various voices..
Mika: But people say that my voice doesn't change that much.
Ohno: So all of your characters sound like Wapiko?
Mika: Did you notice? I think Akane was a lot like Wapiko.
Then Ohno asked Mika to do the voices, so Mika did the voices of Akane "Mama.." and Wapiko "Hayon!" right there.
Mika: They are the same. (^_^)

Ohno: With these occult anime, it seems like there are some accidents and such. Was there anything during the recording of 3 and 4?
Mika: I can't remember anything. Well, Fukami Rica had a cold at that time.

Ohno: How long has it been since you started doing seiyuu work?
Mika: I don't remember my first job. But I was doing videos and such. My first regular role was Ohana-chan in Tsuruhime Ja. Then I did Muumin or Yokoso Yoko. I think it was sometime around there. Before that I was doing work as a stage actress, and not a voice actress.

Mika: Did you listen to the ending of Onikirimaru? It's cool isn't it. I was wondering who sang it, and I was surprised that it was Kusao Takeshi.
Ohno: Seiyuu does a lot of work these days. They sing songs, do comedy, etc.
Mika: Someone does comedy?
Ohno: Shiratori Yuri.
Mika: It's natural for her.
Ohno: Yes, it's hard to predict her behavior.

Ohno: There are lots of cute voices now.
Mika: Koorogi Satomi, Nishimura Kumiko, and I have very similar voices. Sometimes when I watch something, I think, "I didn't do this one.." and then it turns out to be Kumiko. Although our voices are so similar, we do a lot of work together recently.

Then they had some questions from the audience.

Q: What was Yamadera Kouichi's words when he proposed to you?
Mika: Actually I don't remember. You're surprised, aren't you? We went looking for some places to live. When we were looking at a mansion [apartment] he said, "Let's live here together." Then I said, "Ok." Then he supposedly said, "Let's get married." But I was busy looking at the kitchen and didn't hear him. Later when we were out drinking, somebody said to him, "You proposed to her.." and he replied, "Yes." I was shocked and said, "I didn't hear anything."
Ohno: Even today, Yamadera-san drove you here.
Mika: I'm bad in directions, so I'm always making my manager worry. He was worried that I would go somewhere else.

Q: How much beer do you drink every day.
Mika: I think 2 cans, on average.
Ohno: Is there any brand that you like.
Mika: I like Budweiser.

Q: What are you most afraid of?
Mika: Spiders. I'm very scared of spiders, even the very little ones. Also I'm very scared of anything that flies, like butterflies. But I'm not afraid of cockroaches.
Ohno: How about snakes and such?
Mika: I like reptiles. I like frogs. On the rainy days when a frog is out on the street, I pick him up and put him in the grass. Then he says "Thank you" to me. Also I like lizards.
Ohno: Kids always likes these. Do you still like them?
Mika: Yes. I just don't like things that fly.
Ohno: So you don't like Kamen Rider?
Mika: No. Kamen Rider is a bug.

Q: I would like to hear about Nagareboshi Sayuri.
Mika: I don't think many people know about it. I released an enka CD under the name of Nagareboshi Sayuri. Right now Nagareboshi Sayuri is on vacation.

Q: Why did you change your stage name from kanji to hiragana?
Mika: My father is a director of a stage group, and whenever I went to do that kind of work, people would say that I was his daughter. I didn't want to have that kind of thing. When I write my signature, I always wrote in hiragana. Since I do animation, I wanted the kids to be able to read my name. So I just decided on the hiragana.
Ohno: Yes, there are others who use hiragana.
Mika: Koorogi Satomi uses hiragana too. That is her real name, but the kanji is very difficult. I still can't write it.

Promotion video

After a 10 minute break, they showed a promotion video. The promotion video lasted for several minutes and it showed some of the upcoming anime for Shougakukan, KSS, and TBS. First it was the new OP animation for the Ranma 1/2 third movie (that will come out as an OAV). The animation features Nabiki, but none of the other girls.

Next it was a promotion video of Wedding Peach, which contained some live video of the voice actresses for Wedding Peach, Hikami Kyoko, Miyamura Yuko, and Nogami Yukana.

Then it was Egawa Tatsuya's Golden Boy, which will be made into an anime.

OAV Onikirimaru 4

This was an original story.

Drawing for prizes

After the OAV, they held a drawing for the prizes, and Kanai Mika drew numbers out of a box. There were many prizes, such as signed hats, signed T-shirt, signed Onikirimaru cels, signature boards, and a signed Onikirimaru script.

Good bye message

The good bye message by Kanai Mika was:

Idol Project CD will come out soon, and there will also be an event. 7/9 in Tokyo (Kudan Kaikan) and 7/30 in Osaka. The Tokyo event will have all of the guests.

I will also be in Yuuwaku Countdown and Kakyuusei, by Pink Pineapple.

I'll release a mini album on 4/10, a single on 6/1, and a full album called Style on 6/21. I'm doing the recording now.

Shocker Ohno added that there will be a charity auction for the Kobe earthquake victims on 5/21, which will have 15 voice actors. (Kamiya Akira, Nozawa Masako, Tomizawa Michie, Kanemaru Jun'ichi, etc)

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