Parachute Tenchi na Christmas

Event Parachute Tenchi na Christmas
Location Kudan Kaikan
Date 1995.12.17
Time 17:00 - 19:40
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Furumoto Shinnosuke (ܿǷ)
Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ)
Sakurai Tomo ()
Orikasa Ai (޳ް)
Takada Yumi (ͳ)
  • Report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.18
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.26

On December 17, 1995 the Parachute Tenchi na Christmas event took place in the Kudan Kaikan hall.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Introduction of guests
  • Public recording of Parachute Yuugekitai
  • Public recording of Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou
  • Song show
  • Presents and good bye

Introduction of guests

At the beginning, they introduced the guests for the event: Furumoto Shinnosuke, Shiratori Yuri, Sakurai Tomo, Orikasa Ai, and Takada Yumi.

Public recording of Parachute Yuugekitai

The first part of the event was the public recording for the Parachute Yuugekitai radio show. This lasted around 30 minutes.

Some of the highlights (^_^;):

Sakurai Tomo went to a girls school.
Shinnosuke: Were there any lesbians?
Tomo: I don't dislike girls either.
Shinnosuke and Yuri: Eh!?
Tomo: I like both guys and girls.
Shinnosuke: I like guys too, but if I say that people will think I'm gay.
Yuri: My school had a lot of guys. I think 2/3 were guys.

In January, Furumoto Shinnosuke will skydive and do this radio show from the air!

Public recording of Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou

The next part of the event was the public recording for the Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou radio show. This lasted around 30 minutes.

Some of the highlights (^_^;):

Yumi has two older sisters. Ai has two older brothers, and she was a tomboy when she was little.

Ai was good at cooking. Ai can also wear a kimono by herself.
Yumi said that it's hard to believe that Ai was a tomboy.

Ai can drink a lot, but she doesn't become like Ryoko. She said that she becomes slightly cheerful, and slightly ecchi.
Yumi can't drink at all, and she just drinks tea.

Yumi asked the audience, "Which would you rather go out with, a girl who had a very nice personality with a not-so-good face, or a girl who was very pretty, but a lousy personality."
Ai: You'll get tired of a pretty face.
Yumi: But when I look at a very nice guy, I think I can stand it, no matter what he does to me..

The Tenchi Muyou Movie will come out in the spring, and the advanced ticket and poster set will go on sale soon, at 1300 yen. This is a limited item, and only 10000 will be made.

Song show

After the 20 minute break, Shinnosuke came out to announce the song show, and he was very psyched up. When he motioned, "Let's go!" he accidently flung his script into the air, and it flew off stage.
[I picked it up and gave it back to him. ^_^;]

Sakurai Tomo was the first singer, and she sang Baby Baby. During the song, the karaoke tape suddenly stopped, and she had to finish the song without any music, just the claps of the fans.

After the song, she talked for a little bit.
Tomo: Usually I spend Christmas with my fans. This year there will be a Christmas live from 12/22 to 12/24.

Then Tomo sang Chotto Happy.

Shiratori Yuri was the second singer. Yuri sang Atarashii Kutsu (from her album Caramel Pop).

After the song, she talked for a little bit.
Yuri: Do you have any good memories of Christmas?
Nobody raised their hands..
Yuri: You're just like me. We can try next year. I would like to go to France and spend Christmas someday.

Then Yuri sang Emerald no Mori (from her album Caramel Pop).

After Yuri finished singing, all of the guests came back onto the stage for the game session. They played various word games where the loser had to put on some silly costume. Shinnosuke kept losing and had to put on an elephant nose and funny glasses. Tomo lost once and put on a white beard.

After the game session, Takada Yumi stayed on the stage to sing.

After Yumi's song, Orikasa Ai came onto the stage and they both talked for a little bit.

Then Takada Yumi and Orikasa Ai sang the ending song of the Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou radio show.

For the last song, Orikasa Ai sang a song by herself.

Presents and Good-Bye

After the song corner, they moved to the presents corner. The Shiratori Yuri Playdia game, Tenchi telephone cards, and such were given away as presents. Also each guest gave away one present that they brought with them.

  • Sakurai Tomo - watch
  • Takada Yumi - watch
  • Orikasa Ai - ??
  • Shiratori Yuri - T-shirt
  • Furumoto Shinnosuke - handkerchief

Then the guests all sang Red Nosed Reindeer (in Japanese).

Selling Playdia goods in the Lobby

Before the event, during the intermission, and after the event, they were selling many goods in the lobby.

At the very end, just when almost everyone had left, Shiratori Yuri and Furumoto Shinnosuke came out to the lobby. Yuri got behind the Bandai booth and started selling her own game. She offered to shake hands with anyone who bought her game!
[Mr Yu-chan couldn't resist and bought one. ^_^;]

Bandai was giving away a free Sailor Moon cel to those who bought the Playdia Sailor Moon Supers game. At the end, they were even letting the people choose the cel they wanted!
[I bought four of them.. No, I don't have a Playdia.. ^_^;;]

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