Waseda Pure Pure Festival

Event Waseda Pure Pure Festival
Location Nerima Bunka Center
Date 1998.04.18
Time 18:00 - ??:??
Guests Sotsugyou III seiyuu
Nakayama Manami (中山真奈美)
Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋)
Furuyama Ayumi (古山あゆみ)
Nehashi Mieko (根橋美絵子)
Komatsu Rika (小松里賀)
Sakurai Kyoko
Yamamoto Maria (山本麻里安)
Yoshioka Ami
Tokunaga Ai (徳永愛)
Cost 2800 yen
  • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.04.19
  • Event report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.11.30

I went to the Waseda Pure Pure Festival, which was an event (concert) featuring a lot of young, not yet popular, idols and seiyuu. The main reason I went was because the five Sotsugyou III seiyuu were going to be there.

I had ticket number 2 (^_^;), so I was in the second row (front row was reserved for press). The event wasn't that crowded at all. Probably 150 to 200 people.

The biggest shock of the day.. my battery popped out of my MD player, so I lost the entire recording. (;_;) If I don't write this now, I'll forget..

Also I had 4 rolls of film, and I didn't think I would use it all.. but I had some time before the event, so I bought 5 more rolls at Yodobashi before going to the event. Good thing too. I ended up using 8.5 rolls. (^_^;;) If I didn't control myself a lot, I could have easily gone through 12 or 13 rolls..

Because I was taking pictures, I wasn't concentrating on the songs and talk. But without the MD, I don't remember much of the details. (;_;)

Besides the five Sotsugyou III girls (who still don't have a group name yet), there were four other young [17 year old] (and cute) idols.

The first girl was Sakurai Kyoko, who was very short and very cute. She was dressed up as a "To Heart" character (cosplay). She sang two Voogie's Angel songs! ("Gimme Love" and "Popcorn Town") Kyoko also sang a song from Key the Metal Idol, but she forgot the lyrics so she stopped the song in the middle.. Some of the fans knew the songs better than her. (^_^;) But she was so cute. [an unexpected roll of film gone..] Kyoko said she wants to be a seiyuu, I don't know if she ever did any seiyuu work.

The second girl was Yamamoto Maria (does a voice in the game "etude prologue"). She sang some Kouda Mariko songs, as well as her own songs. She didn't move around that much. [took some pictures, should be less than one roll.]

The third girl was Yoshioka Ami. She sang well, and danced well. She's probably the closest to a "real" idol among the girls today. There were many real idol fans there with HUGE cameras and lens.. She moved around a lot. [another unexpected roll of film..]

Then there was a short game tournament with all of the guests. The "loser" of the game had to do impersonations of stars.. Nakayama Manami, Takahashi Chiaki, and Nehashi Mieko lost.

The fourth girl was Tokunaga Ai (who used to go under the name of Shimizu Yukimi), who sings the ending song to Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album. She even had a little role in the radio drama. She sang well, and she moved around well too. Ai was very cute. [another unexpected roll of film..]

Then the final guests were the Sotsugyou III girls. They sang "Happy Bell" (using stand mikes), had a short talk show, and then sang "Tenshi no Kuchibiru". All of the girls were wearing matching white polo shirts, short school girl skirts, blue high socks, and black shoes. [same outfit as at the Hinamatsuri concert] But Nakayama Manami had cat ears, and a tail! Komatsu Rika and Nehashi Mieko had some ornament in their hair. They used stand mikes for "Happy Bell". [took lots of pics, but during the songs, it was almost all Manami.]

For the encore, the first four girls came out and sang one song together (with stand mikes).

For the double encore, the Sotsugyou III girls came out and sang "Happy Bell" (holding mikes). The seiyuu were wearing different shirts (non-matching), but the same skirts.

After the event, Tokunaga Ai was selling signed pictures in the lobby.

Overall, this was a very fun concert. But the average person would have overdosed on cute. (^_^;)

I used 38 rolls of film within a month. I wish I can keep taking pictures at this pace.. (^_^;)

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