Fukami Rica on Sunday ALTA Jouhoukyoku

Event Fukami Rica on Sunday ALTA Jouhoukyoku
Location Studio ALTA building (Shinjuku)
Date 1994.05.01
Time 13:00 - 14:00
15:00 - 16:00
Cost free
Guests Fukami Rica ()
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.08
  • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.12

On May 1, 1994, Fukami Rica appeared as a guest on the program "Sunday ALTA Jouhoukyoku", which is an information/talk show that they put on the large color screen on the ALTA building in Shinjuku. The stage where they have the show is located on the second floor, which is visible from the street.

So at around 11:00, I met a couple people from some Japanese MLs at Shinjuku station, and we headed towards ALTA. We arrived more than one hour early (the first show was supposed to start at 13:00), but there were already many people waiting.

The stage had several posters of "Mornin' After" (Fukami Rica's CD) and the new Cutey Honey OAV.

At 12:00, they closed off the street (they do this every Sunday) so many more people started gathering in the street. There were people with "strange" name badges and notebook computers and lots of camera and video equipment. (^_^;)

The only equipment that I had was my camera (Canon T50) with 135mm lens. (just a cheap toy compared to what some other people had.. ;_;)

At 13:00 when the show began, I think there were around 100 people. The announcer (who was wearing very flashy clothes) came out to begin the program. He quickly announced the guest Fukami Rica. Rica-san came out and everyone cheered. Rica-san was wearing a patchwork-like dress. She looked very cute.

After a short introduction, they went to a CM. [Yes, this program does have CMs (commercials), on the giant screen.]

During the CM, they got ready for Fukami Rica's song. After the CM, Rica-san sang "Atarashii Koi wo Sagasouyo" (one of the songs from her CD). I had never heard it before, but it was a very nice song. Rica-san also did a very nice dance. After the song, they had another CM.

After the CM, the announcer and Rica-san talked. They talked about her CD "Mornin' After" and some of her roles in anime. They showed some anime clips of Sailor Moon and Cutey Honey. Rica-san had done many roles, such as a boy (young Kazuya in Touch), a girl, a sexy woman, an old woman, etc. She also had done voices in radio, CMs, and foreign movies.

Also Rica-san will release her second CD this fall! She said that she might even write some lyrics.

[There was another CM in the middle of their talk.]

After the two talk segments, the program moved onto the "APO information" corner, where they gave various information about movies, sports, music, etc on the giant screen.

Then after another CM, the announcer came onto the street for the quiz corner. Rica-san stayed on the stage and gave her questions from there. Most of the questions were about herself, where she gave two choices. The choices were made so that the answer was very obvious. (^_^) They had 5 or 6 questions, and Rica-san pointed out the people in the crowd from the stage to answer the questions. Nobody that I knew got chosen. The prizes given were Rica-san's signature, a lighter, and some noodles.

After the two quiz segments (with a CM in between), they moved on to Rica-san's second song. She sang "Julia", another song on her CD. I didn't like this song as much as the first one.

At the end, they put some clips of Sailor Venus on the screen, and Rica-san yelled out, "Venus star power, make up!" very loudly. The sound resonated through Shinjuku. Very nice! (^_^)

The show ended at 14:00.

After the show we went to Lotteria for lunch. We couldn't decide if we should go to Shibuya for the Marmalade Boy event, or stay for the 15:00 show. We wandered back to ALTA, and watched the second show. (^_^;)

The second show was about the same as the first one. Minor details of the talk were a little different. For the quiz, they gave away Rica-san's CD instead of her signature this time. It seemed like there were more people watching the second show than the first one. Also there were more people who had just passed by on the street and stopped to watch.

I took one roll (24) of pictures. It turned out well, but the distance was too much for the 135mm lens. Rica-san's face was pretty small. (;_;) I need a bigger lens!

During the second show, I was on the giant screen several times, as they aimed the camera at the crowd when the announcer came onto the street for the quiz. I went right behind the announcer and waved. (^_^)

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