Taiho Shichauzo Completion Event

Event Taiho Shichauzo Completion Event
Location Suginami Koukaidou (Ogikubo)
Date 1994.09.25
Time 15:30 - 18:00
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Hiramatsu Akiko (ʿ)
Tamagawa Sakiko ()
Shimada Bin ()
Fujishima Kousuke
Furuhashi Kazuhiro
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.10

On September 25, 1994, the Taiho Shichauzo completion event took place at the Suginami Koukaidou in Ogikubo. This summer there was a series of Taiho Shichauzo events all over the country, in August and September. This Tokyo event was the final one, and had all of the main guests.

The event was called "Special Lesson: Soshite Minnnaha Deatta" [Then Everyone Met].

I think the crowd for this event was very calm for an anime event, compared to the last several events that I had gone to. There were many girls. There were a few people (boys) who dressed up in police uniforms. I didn't see any girls dressed up in police uniforms.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Taiho Shichauzo 1 [video]
  • talk by the guests
  • clips from Taiho Shichauzo 2 [video]
  • 20 minute break
  • song and mini drama
  • quiz corner
  • final message
  • final song

Taiho Shichauzo [video]

They showed Taiho Shichauzo file 1.

talk by the guests

The guests came out, and the emcee asked them some questions. The guests were Tamagawa Sakiko, Hiramatsu Akiko, Shimada Bin, Furuhashi Kazuhiro, and Fujishima Kousuke. The seiyuu were dressed in police officer outfits.

The emcee started by asking some questions.

Q: Can you tell us something about episode 2?
Furuhashi: A cat appears in episode 1, and in episode 2 they will try to save this cat.

Q: Fujishima-sensei, how was it?
Fujishima: It was very nice. Ever since I saw that anime where someone turns into a girl, I wanted Furuhashi to do this. The action is very nice, but Furuhashi did very well in the non-action scenes too.

Q: How are these people [the voice actors] when you work with them?
Fujishima: Since I write manga all the time, I don't work with them.. (^_^) But they fit the characters well, and I hear that they are having fun doing their roles.

Q: How do you come up with these characters in the manga?
Fujishima: Some of these characters came from "Making of BE FREE!" by Egawa-sensei.

Q: Tamagawa-san, how do you feel about this anime?
Tamagawa: I was just watching on the big screen and it was very nice. Since I was told to do this naturally, I see a lot of myself in this and it was a lot of fun.

Q: Hiramatsu-san, how was this anime?
Hiramatsu: When I first saw this I was very moved. The pictures are very nice. Even when we were doing the voices, the pictures were done. Then when the sounds (like mecha) were added, it's very powerful.

Q: You went around the country for the Taiho events. Any impressions?
Hiramatsu: I ate a lot of good food. Also it was the first time that I rode the Nozomi (new super express bullet train that runs from Tokyo to Osaka) that much.

Q: Tamagawa-san, your impressions of the previous events? [she had only gone to 2 of the previous events]
Tamagawa: In Nagoya during the quiz time, I noticed someone in a police uniform. I thought he was a guard or something. But later on during the handshake session, he came and I found out that he was a real policeman.

Q: Hiramatsu-san, you had a birthday too?
Hiramatsu, Yes. When it was very close to my birthday, we had the event in Hokkaidou. The birthday cake came out and I was very happy.

Q: Shimada-san, how do you feel about this anime?
Shimada: It's very beautiful on the big screen. Nakajima is very klutzy, but I'm looking forward to see what happens between him and Miyuki. Also this uniform and handcuffs are real. So I feel like going out in this uniform and playing pranks.

Then they had some questions from the audience.

Q to Fujishima Kousuke: How is Yoriko's eyesight?
Fujishima: I think you asked that question in the previous event.. Why are you so concerned about this?
person from audience: I like your girls who wear glasses.
Fujishima: Let's say astigmatism.

Q to Fujishima Kousuke: Why did you choose the ERA?
Fujishima: The ERA turbo looks like a mini, but on the inside it's very powerful. I saw a real one and when I heard the very loud noise of its engine, I wanted to put in it. Also I sat in a mini before, but my head hit the ceiling. I couldn't ride a mini, so I wanted to put in in the anime.
The emcee asked: You're very tall. How tall are you?
Fujishima: 186 meters.

Q to Tamagawa Sakiko: Do you feel your age?
Tamagawa: Why do you mean by that?
person from audience: In the Humming-something, you said something like that.
Tamagawa: Yes, but this is easier to do than Humming-something.

Q to Hiramatsu Akiko: Do you do "boke" all the time?
Hiramatsu: "Boke" is something I don't know myself, so please ask the others.
Tamagawa: Can I say it? She does lots of weird things when she panics.

Q to Fujishima Kousuke: What's up with Striker?
Fujishima: You ask a rude question. I'm busy now. It's not over, so I'll get back to it someday.

Q to Fujishima Kousuke: Are you riding your motorcycle recently?
Fujishima: I crashed on my Harley recently and it's not fixed yet. Also for rehabilitation, I've been riding a bicycle.

Q to Fujishima Kousuke: Can you please take off your glasses? We've never seen your real face.
Then Fujishima Kousuke took off his sunglasses for a split second.

Q: There should have been plans for Taiho for a long time. Why did it take so long? I liked the earlier police uniforms.
Furuhashi: Since I wasn't involved with it earlier, I don't know.
Fujishima: I think this one is good. [the current police uniforms]

clips from Taiho Shichauzo 2 [video]

They showed about 3 minutes or so of clips from Taiho Shichauzo 2, with the karaoke of the OP as BGM.

song and mini drama

After a 20 minute break, they went to the song and mini drama show.

The OP song was sung by Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko, who were wearing blue police uniforms. It was a very nice dance, and they had a lot of dry ice blast out.

The stage had a police desk on the left side, and the drama started.

Miyuki and Natsumi had night duty. They talked about food and some of the previous events. Natsumi left to get some drinks.

Miyuki was along, and Nakajima came back from patrol. He was going to ask Miyuki on a date, but was interrupted by a phone call. Then after the phone call, Nakajima was about to say it. But Natsumi returned. Then Nakajima had to go back on patrol.

Miyuki left. Then Natsumi was bored, so she sang "Let's Dance Que Sera Sera". [This is Natsumi's image song, a fast bouncy song]

After the song, a girl (the emcee girl) came by and asked Natsumi to help her with a flat tire. Natsumi went with her and used too much of her power and broke the crank. So Natsumi picked up the front part of the car as the girl changed the tire.

Natsumi got hungry and left a note for Miyuki that she was going to get something to eat.

The stage became dark, and the spotlight was shown on the mini compo. Miyuki was fixing something. When she finished, she sang "Tuned By Me". [This is Miyuki's image song.]

After the song, Miyuki left the stage. Then from one of the side doors of the hall, "Strike Otoko" appeared. [It was Fujishima Kousuke in the strike otoko costume.] He walked through the audience shaking hands, and went onto the stage. There was a prison room set up, and he put a girl there. [It was the emcee girl.]

Miyuki returned to the desk to find Natsumi gone. She heard a voice saying, "Help," and became scared. Then Natsumi came back and they both heard it. Natsumi found the prison and the girl, who was wearing a black and white striped outfit. When the girl explained what happened, Miyuki and Natsumi immediately knew that it was the doings of the "strike otoko". They told the girl that they knew about the strike otoko, and told her that she can go.

Then Nakajima came back from patrol. He asked Miyuki if she would go out to the movies with him, but just then Miyuki said that she had 4 tickets to an amusement park. Then Nakajima took off his sunglasses, and underneath his eyes were all bloodshot [all drawn on his eyelids]. Natsumi spotted his eyes and called him "Shimada!" [She was supposed to say Nakajima.] So after deciding that they will also take Kachou to the amusement park, they all left.
[end of drama]

As the ED song played in the background, the seiyuu returned to the stage.

quiz corner

The emcee girl came back and they went into the quiz corner. There were a lot of prizes.

final message

After the prizes, everyone said their final message.

Tamagawa Sakiko: Thank you very much. I'm happy that the songs went well. I also released an album on 9/21. Please try it.

Hiramatsu Akiko: It's been a while since I had one of these country-wide events. It was a lot of fun meeting all of the fans. Thank you very much.

Shimada Bin: Thank you for helping out in making this event enjoyable.

Furuhashi Kazuhiro: I think those who liked today's episode will like the remaining three. Please enjoy them.

Fujishima Kousuke: Thank you. Please be careful when you go home, and try not to get hit by cars. I would like to be in an event like this again if I have a chance. See you again!

final song

Hiramatsu Akiko and Tamagawa Sakiko (in their white police uniforms) stayed on stage to sing the ED song.

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