Wedding Peach Festival

Event Wedding Peach Festival in Tokyo
Location Yakult Hall (Shinbashi)
Date 1995.10.10
Time 15:30 - 18:20 (real event)
19:10 - 20:00 (additional concert)
Guests Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子)
Nogami Yukana (野上ゆかな)
Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子)
Imai Yuka (今井由香)
Nakajima Erina (中島えりな)
Cost free (need postcard)
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.10.17

On October 10, 1995 (Athletic Day) the Wedding Peach Festival took place in the Yakult Hall in Tokyo. The main event took place from 15:30 and consisted of a talk show, a short video of Wedding Peach, and a concert. But since there were too many people who wanted to come to the event, there was a second session which consisted of just a short talk and a mini concert.

The main event flowed as follows.

  • introduction of Furil
  • Wedding Peach video clips
  • Furil song
  • introduction of Imai Yuka
  • presents
  • 15 minute break
  • Furil concert and talk
  • Nakajima Erina song
  • Furil song
There were video cameras at the event filming the concerts and talk shows, as they are planning to put the clips from this event and concert on the Wedding Peach Music Clips video/LD (JSVA-22805, JSLA-22805, 5800 yen) that goes on sale 1995.12.10.

introduction of Furil

The emcee of the event was Shocker Ohno (as usual with KSS events). One by one he called the Furil girls to the stage. (Furil is the group made up of the three voice actresses in the Wedding Peach anime.)

Hikami Kyoko was wearing a long, white and grey checkered apron-skirt over a black long sleeve shirt and a black beret hat. Miyamura Yuko was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a red and white checkered skirt, about knee length. She had her hair in two pony tails off to the sides. Nogami Yukana was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, which was long enough to cover her black knee level skirt. She had her hair tied up, and she was wearing black boots that went up to her knees.

There was a short talk corner where they talked about the type of guys that the three girls liked. (The girls themselves, not their anime characters.) Miyamura Yuko said that she liked funny guys. Hikami Kyoko said that she liked slightly round guys. Nogami Yukana said that she liked guys who are try very hard at whatever they are doing.

Also since Shocker Ohno brought up the fact that Miyamura Yuko is a big sentai series fan, Yuko did the transformation pose of White Swan, one of the female fighters in some sentai series.

Wedding Peach video clips

The video clips consisted of some highlights from the TV series so far, and a short video message by the various voice actors that could not make it to the event.

There were messages by Ueda Yuuji (Yousuke), Miki Shin'ichirou (Yanagiba), Matsumoto Miwa (Jamapi), Doi Mika (Rain Devila), Mitsuishi Kotono (Potamos), Yamaguchi Kappei (Takurou), and Seki Tomokazu (Ignis).

At the end, they showed a non-credit version of the new Wedding Peach OP.

Furil song

After the video clips, Furil came back on stage to sing Virgin Love (ヴァージンラブ), the new ED song (from episode 28).

introduction of Imai Yuka

After Furil's song, they called another guest onto the stage. The other guest was Imai Yuka, who was going to become the fourth angel fighter, Angel Salvia.


Unlike other events where they have the presents corner at the very end, they quickly moved onto the presents corner. There were Wedding Peach screen savers, posters, scripts, and other toys given away. After the presents were given away, they had a 15 minute break.

Furil concert and talk

When the curtains went up after the break, Furil was on stage in their red and white checkered outfits. They had worn these outfits during the Idol Project event, a few months ago.

Furil sang Yume Miru Aitenshi (夢見る愛天使), Kisetsu ga Kureta Jewel (夏(きせつ)がくれた宝石(ジュエル)), Monochrome (モノクローム), and Virgin Love (ヴァージンラブ). Yume Miru Aitenshi was the first OP song to Wedding Peach, and Kisetsu ga Kureta Jewel and Monochrome were songs written especially for this event.

Between the songs, Furil talked about Wedding Peach and some other things. After singing Yume Miru Aitenshi, the girls talked about the love relationships that will form in the upcoming episodes of Wedding Peach. Momoko will go with Yuusuke (but it will not go so smoothly), Hinagiku will go to Takurou, and Yuri will stick with Yanagiba.

After the song Kisetsu ga Kureta Jewel, some staff members brought some drinks for the Furil girls.

After singing Monochrome, the girls said that when Wedding Peach ends, Furil will disband. But they said that they might stick together a little longer if there is enough fan support.

After singing Virgin Love, Furil left the stage.

Nakajima Erina song

After Furil went off stage, there was a call for an encore immediately, and Shocker Ohno came back onto the stage. He called Imai Yuka, and they talked for a little while.

Yuka will join Wedding Peach in episode 35 as Angel Salvia. Since that was still 7 episodes in the future, she hadn't done any voice recording for it yet. Then she talked about some of the other roles that she had done so far, such as Junior in SM Girls Saber Marionette R and a girl in Kakyuusei. But Yuka was part of a performance group, and she did a lot of stage plays.

Then Shocker Ohno asked Yuka to do the voice of Angel Salvia for the crowd. Yuka yelled out, "Wedding excellent flower!" which was the transformation line. The change of clothes yell was, "Wedding change oiro naoshi, Angel passionate salvia!"

Shocker Ohno announced that there was another guest, and Nakajima Erina came onto the stage. After a short introduction, Nakajima Erina sang Wedding Wars, the new OP song to Wedding Peach.

Furil song

Then Furil came back on stage, and the three girls were wearing wedding dresses, the same ones as in the Wedding Peach anime! For their last song, Furil sang 21 Seiki no Juliet (21世紀のジュリエット).

After the event, there was a handshake session with Furil and Imai Yuka for those who reserved the Wedding Peach LD box (JSLA-22789, 39800 yen) which goes on sale 1995.12.22. There were around a couple hundred fans who participated.

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